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The Voice - Season 6 Coverage

Who Survives to Play the “Lives”?
Rankings and Commentary by Donna Emery

Nailed It Again, On To The Live Rounds
Recap and Commentary by Sharon-anne Osenenko

Blake Fills Adam's Soul As The Playoffs Continue
Recap and Commentary by Sharon-anne Osenenko

Dancing With The Stars Season 18 Coverage

Disney Is Fun - The Elimination Shocking
Recap and Commentary by Theresa Savage

The Audience Got It Right – Here's The Rankings
Rankings by Michael Pascua

The Amazing Race All Stars Coverage

Gladiators, Charriot Races And Gregory Peck!
Yell at Your TV Recap and Commentary by Kathleen

Here's The 7th Leg Rankings
Rankings by Logan Huffman

Kitchen Nightmares Coverage

A Very Bad Dream Masquerading As A Restaurant
Recap and Commentary by Rebecca Moatz

Hell's Kitchen Coverage

The Match Game And A Wedding
Recap and Commentary by Rebecca Moatz

American Idol Coverage

Four Out Of Seven Matter - Ranking the Idol Top 7
Rankings by Matt Chisling

Results Night And The New Odds
Commentary from Idolhead Ed

Top 8 Redux Results Show - Time To Snark
The NGH Report by Joey Banks

Who Goes Home This Week?
Predictions by the RTVC Staff

Top 8 Redux - “I’m going in!”
The NGH Report by Joey Banks

That Was A Let Down
Commentary from Idolhead Ed

Survivor Coverage

Fear Is An Excellent Motivator
A Stimpy Snarkfest

Cute Won't Cut It
Recap and Commentary by Jennifer T.

Strength In Weakness
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ

Ranking The Remaining 9
Rankings by Logan Huffman

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