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The Voice Coverage

A Cantor, A Metalhead And A Goat Wrestler Walk On Stage
Recap and Commentary by Sharon-anne Osenenko

The Amazing Race 25 Coverage

“Start your race where the very first race ended.”
Yell at Your TV Recap and Commentary by Kathleen

Here's The Initial Rankings
Rankings by Logan Huffman

Suvivor 29 Coverage

I’m Sure You’ll Try Harder Next Time
Strategic and Tactical Analysis by Dr. EJ

Here's The Initial Rankings
Rankings by Logan Huffman

Gobbers, Twinnies, Broadway Boys & Other Loved Ones
A Stimpy Snarkfest

Blood Vs Water 2 Begins
Recap by Jennifer T.

Dancing With The Stars Coverage

Monday Jams - Here's The Rankings
Rankings and Commentary by Michael Pascua

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