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American Idol: Who Survives? Who Goes Home? The Top 9
Predictions by The Reality TV Calendar Staff
March 29, 2012
We did pretty well with last week's American Idol prediction.

Three out of four of us predicted that Erika Van Pelt would be leaving although all of us thought it was Heejun Han that deserved to go.

Here's some interesting stuff.....

Our readers disagreed with us. Of those taking part in our “Who do you think is going home?” poll, 40% said DeAndre Brakensick, 33% thought it would be Heejun, and 18% went with Erika.

And who do our readers think should win it all? Here's the breakdown for our “Top 9 – Who do you want to win American Idol?” poll...

Phillip Phillips – 30%
Jessica Sanchez – 27%
Hollie Cavanaugh – 13%
Elise Testone – 9%
Heejun Han – 8%
Colton Dixon – 5%
Skylar Laine – 5%
Joshua Ledet – 3%
DeAndre Brakensisck – 2%

At least for now the race is between Phillip and Jessica.

We'll see how we do this week.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Each week the staff of Reality TV Calendar predicts who will survive and who will be going home.

In past seasons we have successfully spotted the eventual winner early in the show.

We have a great record of predicting who is going home each week.

Keep in mind that American Idol is not all about talent. It's not all about the best performance.

It is also about the vote and the voting blocks.

Who will be popular?

Who will get votes because they're cute, have a great personality or a compelling story?

Who will the tweens vote for? What about the granny's? The southern block?

We think about all these factors and more when we make our predictions and then we take our best guess. We often disagree. But we almost always nail it.

We'll see how we do this year.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Here's our predictions and comments for last night's performance show and how America voted.

Writer Standout Performance Who Should Go Home Who Will Go Home
Ron Lemon Elise Testone - "Whole Lotta Love" DeAndre Brackensick DeAndre Brackensick
Idolhead Ed Phillip Phillips - "Still Rainin'" Heejun Han Heejun Han
Melissa Stavarski Elise Testone - "Whole Lotta Love" DeAndre Brackensick DeAndre Brackensick
Joseph Braverman Elise Testone - "Whole Lotta Love" Heejun Han Hollie Cavanagh

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