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American Idol: Hollywood Week Part 2 - "I glorify weirdness."
The NGH Report by Joey Banks
February 8, 2013

Mr. Odd has got it.
Welcome back to American Idol and The NGH Report!
It’s official: I love Nicki Minaj. I can’t believe what I witnessed today. We actually have an American Idol judge who speaks the unbearable truth, and she does it in a way that Simon Cowell never could.

She decimates the phonies and still manages to come across as a caring individual who is rooting for their success.

We’ll get to all that in a little bit. But first! How did the boys handle the solo round?

Well, to be honest, most of them seemed to handle it quite well.

We are still in this weird situation where the talent level for the men is less than usual, and the few talented men we do have are going to have a hard time winning the show based on past trends.

I still haven’t seen one guy I believe could win this entire thing.

Let’s talk about a few of them…

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Paul Jolley was real nervous. Like, the dude was about to hyperventilate.

He went on stage and let the judges know just how nervous he was and that he “wants this so bad” and has worked “so hard.” Ugh.

Seriously, after twelve seasons I’m tired of hearing the same nonsense.

Of course you want it bad! Who wouldn’t? Still doesn’t mean anything!

I want a lot of things… like an unlimited supply of Yoohoo Chocolate Drink. But guess what? Yoohoo Chocolate Drink is really hard to find in my neck of the woods. Yeah. I know. It’s a @#$%ing tragedy.

Paul then started to sing Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away.” It was a very strong vocal performance that showed very little signs of serious nerves. He worried for nothing.

Luckily, Nicki the Crusader was there to explain to him his earlier mistake. “Give us one minute of professionalism.” She’s absolutely right.

As a performer, we don’t want you to come let us know that you are nervous or scared or whatever nonsense is going through your head. Just come do your job. Sing.

When you act like Paul Jolley, you look unprepared and amateurish. This guy could be a finalist… so he needs to calm down.

Lazaro Arbos is somehow still in this competition.

His version of “Edge of Glory” was tepid, and while he may be getting more confident every day, he still doesn’t seem like a true contender.

The only reason he continues to advance is he is a very well-known character in Season 12.

Curtis Finch, Jr. churns out an overly-acted dramatic version of “Jar of Hearts.”

He’s got a phenomenal voice, but he’s such an arrogant showboat.

Joshua Ledet was amazing because of his quiet confidence. He spoke like a mouse but sang like a beast.

Curtis is just a giant.....

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