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American Idol: Who Goes Home This Week?
Predictions by the RTVC Staff

How many votes is the
cap costing her?
We're down to the American Idol Top 12 and it's time for another RTVC staff prediction.

Last week we were unanimous in our prediction that Kristen would be going home. Don't give us too much credit, it was and easy choice.

What about this week?

Who had the best performance of the week?

Who should be going home?

Who will be going home?

We've been answering those questions since 2004. Of course if we were always right we would just place some bets, cash in, and retire.

We aren't always right, but we have fun doing it and our readers always enjoy it.

You should keep in mind that although American Idol is supposed to be a singing competition it rarely is. This is a popularity contest and being a nation-wide contest there are many voting blocks.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Regrettably there are people who will vote based on race, or gender or sexual orientation instead of talent, performance and marketability.

There are the tween girls who control a significant percentage of the vote. They tend to like white guys with guitars and young cute females they think it would be cool to hang with.

There is the southern block which tends to vote country or classic rock.

There is the urban block which tends to vote R and B.

And then there are those who actually vote based on talent and talent alone. But the six of them don't really have much influence on the outcome.

So when we make our predictions we try to keep all those things in mind. And that's why we tell you who we think should go home and who will go home. Its not always the same.

Once we get down to a top ten we'll start polling you our readers and we'll let you know who the RTVC voters think should be going home.

Okay, its time, let's seen what the RTVC staff has to say. Here's our first predictions of American Idol season 13.

RTVC Staff Predictions
Writer Standout Performance Should Go Home Will Go Home
Ron Lemon Majesty Rose - Fix You MK Nobilette MK Nobilette
Idolhead E Jena Irene -Suddenly I See MK Nobilette MK Nobilette
Joseph Braverman Majesty Rose - Fix You CJ Harris Emily Piriz

Ron Lemon Says:
This week I am giving the Standout Performance to Majesty Rose and "Fix You."

Not because it stoodout, but because I am required to make a choice.

It's a very talented cast this year but last night there was no one who stole the show. No one gave a stellar performance. For the most part it was talented people doing what they do.

Malaya did.....

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