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The Bachelor: Brad Tells Us Exactly What Happened In The Fantasy Suites
Released by Trans World News
March 1, 2011

What happened with
Hey everybody,

You saw this week on The Bachelor I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine: I traveled to South Africa!

The three remaining ladies and I spent some time on a private game reserve in Sabi Sands called Lion Sands Game Reserve. It was beautiful!

The first morning that I woke up, as I entered the bathroom, I looked outside and saw an elephant casually grazing for his morning snack. Right outside of my bathroom!

We were surrounded by exotic animals in their natural habitat while staying at the lodge truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I'm told that the majority of you that are watching find this particular week the most interesting because this is the week of the fantasy overnight dates.

I'll be the first to admit, as a fan of the show before I was on it, I would always tune in and wonder what exactly happens on those overnight dates.

Will the couple really stay the night together? Are they really free from cameras or is there a crew on standby, waiting to capture the next groundbreaking moment?

Well I, of course, found out the answer to my questions. Yes, we (the couple) are completely alone and camera free.

Yes, we stay in the same room together overnight. What happens is completely up to the couple.

I'd like to explain why overnight dates are so important and what I used those nights away from the cameras for.

I wanted to take the opportunity with all three of the women to talk, off camera, so we could all feel even more comfortable.

By this time, I had gotten to know the women so very well and I wanted to feel confident in the fact that, after talking with each of them all night, I knew exactly what type of woman each of them is.

I wanted to be confident that I actually knew these women as well as I thought I did.

The overnight dates actually gave me quite a bit of clarity clarity that I had been looking for!

The women and I were able......

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