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The Bachelorette: Hometown Dates Lead to Heart Break
Recap and Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Gayl Killough
July 19, 2011

She feels like she is falling for Ben more than ever each time the spend time together. She thinks that she would have a rich and exciting life with Ben, and there would never be a dull moment.

Ashley recaps Constantine as one of her favorites from the beginning. I thought that at the beginning, but the editing was a little misleading, glad to know my instinct was right about how Ashley felt about Constantine despite the editing.

Constantine is physically what she is looking for in a man. She has said something similar about Ben, and since they have a similar look to them, I think we know one of Ashley's types in a man.

Ashley also finds Constantine sexy, and that there is a real sweetness to him.

She felt like the date in Taiwan was the first indication that they could have a successful life together, until then she had been keeping Constantine based on potential. Constantine is the total package.

Ashley thinks that Ames is one of the most interesting guys that she has ever met.

I agree and I would like the pitch the idea of Ames being a future lead bachelor to the powers that be, it would be a win for showcasing nerds in an interesting light, and it would make The Bachelor shows be a lot more interesting for me.

Ames is good at asking questions and bringing out the nerd in other people, they could showcase the bachelorette contestants in a way that does not have to involve cat fights, I am so over cat fights on reality shows, it has just been done too many times.

Well alright I have never been a fan of cat fights, but I could tolerate them a bit better if I have something interesting to watch like actual intellectual conversation. Time to be a little bit nerdy.

Back to Ashley describing Ames who she finds humble and funny. She thinks Ames has no idea how accomplished that he is as a person. Their first kiss was crazy and she likes he spontaneity. Ames seems like he would be a great husband.

J.P. is featured last, like J.P. is getting the pimp spot in reality television. Ashley feels like she has know J.P. forever, and she feels so comfortable, and relaxed with J.P. Ashley can just be herself.

I think if Ashley winds up picking J.P. it will be for those reasons. I think they have the more real life feel to their relationship.

They recap the jealous J.P. from last week, which was probably blown out of proportion by the editing. Ashley realizes that it is not an easy place to be to watch other people date her.

I think Ashley felt the.....

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