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The Bachelorette: Hometown Dates Lead to Heart Break
Recap and Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Gayl Killough
July 19, 2011

I think Ashley felt the same way about other people dating Brad on The Bachelor.

Although Brad seems less like her type, as we have gotten to know Ashley on The Bachelorette, so I wonder how much she really was into Brad.

Ashley thinks that everything is there with J.P. and she needs to really be sure that it is true for both of them. Meeting their families makes it seem so real and she wants to feel at home with the bachelors.

Constantine's date is featured first.

I really do doubt that this was the actual order of dates. Constantine's hometown is Cummings, Georgia which is near Atlanta.

Constantine feels so natural and awesome around Ashley, and he can't wait to show Ashley his family.

Ashley says that she is happy as a clam and feels that the relationship with Constantine is really starting to click.

Constantine cannot believe that he made it to hometown dates and figured he would be back home in a week. Constantine says that his mother and friends were confident that he would make it that far. Ashley thinks Constantine should believe them.

Constantine is excited for Ashley to meet his father, mother, and sister. But first, Constantine takes Ashley to his restaurant.

The employees do seem to be genuinely rooting for Constantine. It was cute to watch their reactions to Ashley.

The waitress staff described Ashley as really cute and they were excited when Constantine and Ashley shared a kiss.

Constantine shows Ashley around. They make a pizza and salad together.

Constantine tells Ashley to put her favorite things on the pizza for toppings, and Ashley tries to put Constantine on top of the pizza. Constantine is impressed with her cleverness at this point.

These hometown dates are supposed to be showcasing who the bachelors really are as people, but this seems the most like the real Ashley too, not that I know the real Ashley, but it feels unedited, and I think this is the real Ashley.

I can see why the bachelors are attracted to Ashley.

Constantine says that some find it odd that a Greek would have an Italian restaurant, but that it was a business decision.

It would be so easy for me to go off tangent at this point, but I have been to several Italian themed restaurants ran by Greek families, so it actually does make sense, and both the Greeks and Italians have a rich deep heritage that has overlapped and competed through history.

There is an out take at.....

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