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The Bachelorette Spoiler: What Happens During Monday's Episode
Report Compiled by RTVC Editor Ron Lemon
June 8, 2011

He's getting serious.
The Bachelorette Ashley hopes that southern Thailand will be the perfect place to start over and move forward in her search for a happy ending, as she begins her round-the-world journey with the 12 remaining men.

How will she be affected long term by Bentley's deceitfulness and game playing?

One of the best ways to help mend a broken heart is to get involved in helping others, so Ashley takes 10 of the bachelors to assist in the renovation of Baan San Fan orphanage, which houses children who lost parents in the devastating 2004 tsunami.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

The Bachelorette also explores some astonishing sea caves off the coast of Thailand with Ames, as she attempts to delve into their relationship.

And will a cancelled first date with Constantine lead to something more romantic and exciting?

Everything has changed for Ashley. Still shaken from the raw emotions she felt about Bentley, she needs to make sure these guys are all here for her.

Finally, two men face off as nerves are fraying before the dramatic rose ceremony.

After arriving at the Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa in southern Thailand, Constantine discovers he is the first to get an individual date.

The couple is looking forward to an adventure on the seas, but as luck would have it, choppy surf and high winds force Ashley to cancel the date.

Instead, the two head into town to shop, sight-see and even get some love advice from the locals.

The handsome bachelor is taking some of the sting out of Ashley's aching heart. But she needs a real romantic connection.

Will Constantine assure Ashley that his is there for her for the long haul and be offered a rose, or will he be the first man sent home from Thailand?

Constantine will get his rose and you can look for him to be around for a long time.

The next day, in an effort to see another side of her bachelors, Ashley takes 10 of her men on a group date that really will make a difference.

She meets them at.....

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