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Bachelor Pad: Who Will Win The $250,000.00 - Here's The Initial Rankings
Commentary and Rankings by RTVC Staff Writer Joseph Braverman
July 28, 2010
Bachelor Pad is going to give us The Bachelorette and Bachelor meet Big Brother. The previews show us all those Bachelorettes and Bachelors meeting in the mansion to find love. Or $250,000.00, which ever works for them.

With all that money at stake, it's only going to add to the drama. I am sure Bachelor Pad will be an initial ratings success, but I wonder how its future will be in years to come.

Well, the cast definitely is an assorted lot, and for the majority, there are house guests that were crazy, annoying, or just plain hated.

Some choices leave you scratching your head: Tenley and Gia anyone? They seem too good for this show, and the previews with Gia being charmed by the despicable Wes just made me all that more happy Ali was chosen as the Bachelorette over her.

If the previews are any indication, Natalie will be the instigator of the drama. That girl seems to have been waiting her whole life to be on Bachelor Pad. Itís her own sorority fairytale come to life. I think she will be the breakout star of the season.

Some other contestants Iím interested in seeing?

I really liked Jessie S. from Bachelor Jakeís season. Her looks drew me in, but she was very quiet. However, she was in the midst of the Justin drama that unfolded in Aliís season, and she is rumored to be dating Kirk, so we definitely know the girl has personality and a love for entangled romance drama.

Who do I think will be out the door quickly?

Judging from the previews, I saw very little of Peyton, Gwen, Michelle, and Jonathon.

Peyton and Gwen are not as well known since they were in Bachelor seasons that were not watched as much as later easons.

The Bachelor series is one of the few shows that have gotten more popular after it entered in its double digit seasons.

As for Michelle and Jonathon, I think the house guests will find them utterly annoying and unbearable, and will probably boot them out first.

Since I donít know too much of how this show will play out, other than one person gets voted off per episode, and there will be one winner to have the $250,000 prize, I am going to base my rankings on the personalities at hand, how great they are in competitions, and how well their social skills are overall in handling such a drama filled house.

Here are my initial rankings for Bachelor Pad:

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