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Big Brother 11: Mt. Braden Blows And The Paranoia Flows
Commentary with Spoilers by Cindy Rutolo Dietrich
July 14, 2009

Not all International
Models and Actors
are bigots. Really.
I was right in the middle of looking over Sunday night's Big Brother 11 show, when things got real loud, real fast.

The Big Brother house guests this season, have been doing things differently, often without any kind of well-thought out reason. Okay, maybe that isn't so different from seasons past. Still, rarely have we seen this level of feverish delight, and devious game play happen this quickly, and often. 

In a move rarely used previously, they've already used a veto to pull someone, Lydia, off of the eviction block. Then, in a back door move usually reserved to remove a huge threat, they decided that the seemingly, mild-mannered, Braden, deserved the boot.

Almost immediately, views started to change in the house. Maybe they thought they'd perhaps over played their hand? Maybe they felt safe enough to try to get to know their house mates for a day?  Of course that was last night. So maybe I don't know squat.

I was still wondering who's bright idea it was to back door Braden anyway, when he decided to blow any such thoughts all to hell. For whatever reason, just when this tightly wound season seemed to catch it's breath, Braden's cork blew.

Of course now he's acting all cool.

But the damage he did with his mouth won't be undone. I don't see any way that he can save himself. But then again, I think he already had that all figured out. But why go out with a bang? Why go out with a giant, ignorant, prejudiced foot in your mouth?

Apparently Braden felt compelled to confront Lydia and Kevin for his probable eviction. It came at a bad time. Lydia had been quietly confiding in Kevin about a past, abusive relationship.  Still, things were actually pretty boring before Braden sat down on the ground beside them and said,  "The way you sold me out was fine."

Lydia seemed to know what was coming. She started trying to drown him out. But he wanted to have his say. So, she says, fine!

He says that she'll be the next one out.  I think he had this next bit memorized: "You can get that tattooed on your leg. I got evicted because I back stabbed Braden."

Before he gets out his next line, directed at Kevin, Lydia screams: "Do not say shit to Kevin!" But Braden still managed to suggest that Kevin get the same thing tattooed on his man parts.

There was a whole lot of, "You're an Asshole!, And, "Fuck You's." Then Braden must have lost touch with reality, because he shouts this on live feeds to Kevin in reality. "Who the fuck are you? You're a fucking Mexican. You're a fucking Beaner from Mexico."

Lydia's outraged at the remark. "Do Not Disrespect a Culture That Way!"

Kevin's just outraged all over the place. For one thing, no one ever gets his ethnicity right.  He just let it flow.

"Braden, you're so full of.....
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