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Big Brother 12 Spoiler: Britney And Ragan Are The New Rat-Nat And Kevin
Live Feed Spoiler Report and Commentary by Big Sister
August 11, 2010

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They laugh about Brendon thinking that he is leaving and Rachel talking like she is staying. Matt laughs and says “I love that”. Neither believes the Brendon can win HoH.

They wonder if Kathy is the new Saboteur. Enzo thinks she would definitely do it, if asked.

Matt doesn't think America would vote for her and Enzo is upset that he wasn't picked.

Enzo and Matt switch to bashing Britney. It annoys Enzo that she is always around, she is always hanging around Lane. Enzo calls her “a fucking cunt” and says “that's one person I don't want to win, she's too young to need the money”.

Britney is telling Ragan that Brendon has said several times that he wants to take Kathy to final three. She talks about wanting “more mental warfare” played against Brendon.

Ragan says “that's dirty” and he doesn't want to play that way. Like the whole let's make Brendon think we are voting him out maneuver is all sweetness and light.

Ragan talks about why he has a hard time talking with Brendon and Rachel. It's “because of how they have done things”. Britney tells him they are grasping at straws right now. They will use everything you say and turn it against you right now.

Ragan says it puts all of them in an impossible position. He says he is “not above any of this. It is not all their fault I am playing a hand in this too”.

Ragan says he don't want to feel “compelled to say stuff about them. I don't want to be portrayed as an evil gay guy. I don't want to be that person”.

Ragan here's your clue for the day. If you don't want to be perceived as the “evil gay guy”. Stop acting like it. .

Ragan goes on to say he doesn't want anyone to feel anymore uncomfortable than it already is.

Brit says she thinks they are just playing a very very bad game. She says they chose to talk about people and be unsportsmanlike like. Somebody please give this girl a mirror.

Ragan says he thinks he would feel better if he doesn't personally attack them, but he has, but doesn't want to. So don't.

Ragan no longer wants to bash Brendon and Rachel and is talking to the others about stopping. I hope he means that. He may be feeling a little guilty about last night. But you know what. He's going to do it again. It's his nature.

Playing the game is playing the game. Whatever tactic you want to use is fine by me. But being cruel, just to be cruel. That is sick and twisted and borders on evil.

Britney doesn't even consider.....
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