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Big Brother: The Twist? The Cast? The Chenbot Lets It Slip
Exclusive Report and Commentary by Big Sister
June 29, 2011

Big Brother 13 is almost here and the rumors are flying!

They are promising a season like we have never seen before.
That's a scary thought.

Are they going to screw up our beloved game? Or will they really do something that will be fun to watch?

We're going to find out real soon.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Before I get too much further, drum roll please, yes friends it's time! This is my first article of the season and here is my first shamelessly blatant plug.

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So this is my first piece of the season, first of about 100. What have we got for you?

We'll Julie Chen, our lovable Chenbot, did an interview with the Canadian version of ET. And maybe she slipped up or maybe she did it on purpose.

Maybe what she said is real and revealing. Or maybe it is all Big Brother misdirection and meaningless.

Here's the video and then we'll talk about it.

“Dynamic Duos from the past will have a significant role this season” sayeth the Chenbot.

Well can I get a big “Ummmmm”.

That opens up so many possibilities.....

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