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Big Brother: The Twist? The Cast? The Chenbot Lets It Slip
Exclusive Report and Commentary by Big Sister
June 29, 2011

That opens up so many possibilities. The obvious is an all star season with past couples, either alliance or romantic, returning and being paired up together.

But, Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass says the cast is all new this season. Truth?

Let us all say it together - “Expect the unexpected”. Isn't that just a lovely excuse for doing whatever they want and then saying “well we told you to expect...”.

It's their game and they can fix it however they want. It's my job to look under the table.

So what if that is really it? What if we have an all star season with paired couples? Who could we expect to see?

Jeff and Jordan would be a certainty. They are a ratings machine and CBS would do whatever it takes to get them back in the house.

Evel Dick and Princess Daniel would be another great pair. I really don't like either of them but huge kudos to Dick for doing anything it takes to win.

No kudos to Daniel for being a spoiled brat.

Anyway, the two of them are great entertainment and vintage snark meat.

Evil Dr. Will and sidekick Mike come to mind, even if you don't want them to.

We can go on and on. They could easily come up with six or seven pairs.

Actually I wouldn't mind if that's the plan. But is it? I kind of doubt it.

I suspect Julie was overstating it a bit. I think we are going to see some pairs, maybe even those above, but I don't think they will actually be playing the game.

I think we are going to see them hosting competitions, giving out clues and prizes and other appearances designed to boost the ratings. Sometimes Big Brother can be a bit lame.

There has been one other cast rumor worth mentioning. Supposedly at least one member of the cast is in their 40's, one is in their 50's and one is in their 60's.

I hope this rumor is true.

Think about people like Jerry, Casey the Banana Man and Renny. You may or may not like them but they are all characters that added great entertainment to Hamsterville.

The older folks add a different flavor to the show and they are a refreshing change from the usual model and gay porn actor wannabes that we get.

Another rumor for you.....

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