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Big Brother: Dr. Will Says No To Big Brother
Exclusive Report and Commentary by Big Sister
July 1, 2011

Dr. Will Kirby has made it clear he will not appear on Big Brother 13.

In a statement published today on his fan site he writes...

”Life is often confusing but once you have a child you can more easily discern important items from the superfluous.

My focus these days is my family, my friends and my profession. While I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm of reality television fans I have other priorities that supersede any possible participation in non-scripted programming this summer.

Moreover, I absolutely enjoy public speaking and the occasional television appearance but I have officially retired from competition based shows - There is simply nothing left for me to accomplish in this genre.

Now please don't take this as a statement of arrogance; If you truly contemplate my current situation as well as my past history I'm sure you'll agree with this decision.

That said, I wish nothing but the best to Robyn Kass, Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, Les Moonves, Julie Chen and the entire CBS family.

Will I watch Big Brother? Honestly, I don't watch much TV these days. I also don't think anyone was ever lying on his or her deathbed and said, "Now that my life is about to end I have one major regret: I sure wished I had spent more time watching Big Brother"!

Point being, I'm a little preoccupied these days but I'm confident that the contestants this summer will provide the fans with minutes of entertainment.”

The man actually said “minutes of entertainment”. No, there is no arrogance there.

He goes on with a lengthy paragraph of self-promotion that reads like a resume and then concludes with...

”Ten years ago, to the day, I moved to Los Angles to create the life I always dreamed of and to fulfill my destiny... and you all helped me accomplish exactly that. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Now it is time for you to fulfill your destiny - which path will you choose?

Have a healthy and happy summer.



Although I do find the “minutes of entertainment” comment to be typical of his arrogance, insulting, and even a bit tainted with a bite the hand that feeds you feel to it, I do wish that he and Mike Boogie would be playing again this summer.

Like him or not he is great entertainment. Not the most entertainment we have seen on the show, but up there.

But having released this statement does blow my theory out of the water.

I was convinced that the six people shown in the CBS poll had all been contacted and had agreed to do the show. Obviously I was wrong.

Just as obviously Big Brother is playing games with us again.

Is there any meaning at all to the poll? Who knows.

If it turns out to have all been a waste of time the fans are going to be pissed.

I'll have more for you later.
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