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Big Brother: Fun With Evel Dick And The Top Ten
Exclusive Report and Commentary by Big Sister
July 5, 2011

Returning to Big Brother this year, our favorite love-to-hate burnt out roadie...

Evel Dick!

Yeah it's not official but I would bet a year's supply of pizza that he and spoiled daughter Daniel will walk through the door Thursday night.

Will either or both of them last through the episode. I have no idea. But I hope at least Dick survives. Nobody plays the game like the Evel One.

And he will give us so much to write about.

So just for the fun of it, and to remind us of just who and what Evel Dick is, here is RetroWinnepeg's video parody posted way back in August of 2007.


And now to contiue the tradition here are the Top Ten Reasons to watch the Live Feeds!

10. The Chenbot does not appear in the feeds.

9. Alison Grodner has not once streaked the set. This could be the year!

8. They all sing. Really.

7. Last season we counted 37 "towel slips"!

6. Jordan will be there.
Jeff will be there to explain what she means.

5. You can impress your friends with "in the know" secrets!

4. Bathroom noises. We don't know why either.

3. You too can arrive at work with the coveted "live feeds stare".

2. Production screw ups and rabid producers. Oh my!

And the number one reason you should watch the live feeds....

1. Hook Ups! Hook Ups! Hooks Ups!

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We thank you for your support.

As always, your comments below are appreciated and I'll have more for you later.

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