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Big Brother Spoiler: Evel Dick Is Out, Danielle’s Freaking Out And The Great Divide
Exclusive Report and Commentary by Big Sister
July 8, 2011

Big Brother 13 already has it's first shocker! And it's huge!

If you weren't watching the Live Feeds overnight you missed a lot.

You can sign up for the Live Feeds right now and get a free three day trial. And you can use the Live Feeds flashback feature to watch what happened last night.

I'll bring you up to date on everything, but first a few thoughts about last night's premiere episode.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

I really enjoyed it. Maybe the best first episode of the entire series.

I had written a couple of days ago about a theory that said the eight newbies would be forced to pair up. I didn't put much stock in it because I could not see how they would enforce it.

The twist of having the paired partner of the HoH winner being safe from nomination took care of that. At least to some extent. I like that twist because it makes things a little more even, a little more fair for the newbies.

I loved seeing the veterans walk into the house. It was the three couples I told you to expect and I was happy about that as well.

But even after one episode, and even though I respect her game play, Rachel's voice and laugh are grating on me. But watching the Live Feeds I am once again struck by the fact that when she is saying something about the game, she's worth listening to.

Morticia, not
I hate Danielle’s new hair color. Does anyone else think she looks like Morticia from the Addams Family?

The hamsters getting their keys and leaving home segments were as lame as always. With one exception. Shelly has a Corvette in her garage. I really want to say “You go girl” because that is so appropriate. But maybe it's time to get past that.

I wasn't at all surprised to see Rachel win the HoH. She plays to win. Yes she won by making a deal with Evel Dick and Danielle, but that is part of the game as well.

And yes, I'll tell you right now she honored the deal. She did not nominate Dick and Danielle.

She nominated Porsche and Keith. Porsche is the target at the moment but that could change. I'll keep you informed and there is a lot more in this report.

By the way, the Power of Veto competition is later today. I'll have the results when they are available.

Finally, the Golden Key twist......

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