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Big Brother: The Stand, The Show, The Mom And The Loose Screw
Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Cindy Rutolo Dietrich
July 16, 2001

It’s funny the things you have to do, when your back’s against the wall in the Big Brother house.

“So, I’ll “whore my self out, “ if that’s what I have to do.” Just another priceless quote, from Big Brother 13, Veteran Player, Jeff Schroeder.

“Good Girl!” That’s what I thought when Big Brother 13’s, Daniele Donato pulled a fast one on CBS’s. Julie Chen, and the Big Brother Production Team, by clarifying her earlier remarks, before casting her vote on live T.V.

After all, turnabouts only fair play.

Daniele’s been pushing back against them hard, every time they try to leave her high and dry and blind.

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Like refusing to answer the diary room door, or bothering to respond to any of her increasingly frantic pleas, when her father went missing for over seven hours from the Big Brother House.

She’s been trying to make the best of it, even though they never gave her a definitive reason for her father leaving two of the things he loves most in the world: his daughter, and Big Brother..

Still, after showing a message from missing House Guest, Evel Dick Donato, Big Brother’s hostess, Julie Chen, put his daughter, Daniele, on the hot seat again.

She was already choked up, and visibly upset when Ms. Chen began her questioning.

Daniele had obviously not expected anything like this. It was an ambush of sorts. It was the very kind of sport Ms. Chen seemed to so enjoy, before she suddenly decided to stop questioning the objectionable tactics of evicted House guests.

“No, I love you?” she asked Daniele; for her father.

After Daniele, tried to describe, totally on the fly, having to remain in the house, and play without her partner, who also happens to be her Father, with whom she’s had a difficult relationship, - without totally losing it on live T.V.

That’s why I enjoyed watching Daniele take the opportunity to clarify, and send her love, a short time later, before casting her vote. “I just want to say that of course I love my Father. And that I’ve done nothing but worry about him every day since he left.”

What’s happened with.....

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