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Big Brother: Serving Up A Plate Of Revenge And Shelly Is The Rat In The Nest
Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Cindy Rutolo Dietrich
August 27, 2001

Apparently, revenge is a dish best served cold, to a vengeful Big Brother House Guest, who’s now eating it in Hell.

Excuse me I meant,, in The Big Brother Jury House. And why can’t we see what’s happening there now?

I know Big Brother’s Jeff Schroeder, likes to cook. Seems his favorite dish is one that tastes best when it’s served cold. It’s from an old Sicilian Proverb: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

But was Jeff Schroeder, really plotting and planning his revenge on Daniele Donato, ever since week three?

Because that’s what it seemed like to me. Not that he got a chance to actually taste, or savor the fruit of his betrayal, as he was out the door, during the night’s surprise, Double Eviction, right on Daniele’s heels.

I was actually impressed with the way Jeff handled his role as Head of the House, until he disclosed his desire to back door Daniele.

That’s when I realized that he’d just been laying back before that. Just pretending to be cool, when he was anything but that.

Just letting everyone relax, so they’d all be surprised when he made his final move. Well, he didn’t know it would be his final move, until the move had been played out.

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Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

I wonder now, if he would have made the same move, if he knew that they’d have the Double Eviction that night. Maybe not. I don’t think that he would have taken the chance..

Then again, maybe he would have done everything the same thing. Seems big Jeff likes to hold on to the little things.

His week as H.O. H. was all about power, and finally having the means to punish everyone he felt had ever done him wrong. Didn’t matter that amends had been made.

Or that apologies had been given, and supposedly accepted. And that favors had been extended, and accepted. Or, that Jeff should have been over it already.

The Big Brother House seems to take it’s toll. I don’t care what anyone says.

Jeff, and his, ‘love’, Jordan Lloyd, who’s still stuck in the house, might be sweet, out side of the Big Brother House.

But, inside the house, they’ve.....

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