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Big Brother: Lawon The Moron, Kalia The Pervert, Dani The Troll And BB Spawn
Commentary by RTVC Staff Wrter Rikki A.
August 12, 2011

Is it me or has Shelly aged ten years so far this season?

The stress or the cigs are taking a major toll.

I like Adam, and was impressed by the tenacity in which he played the Veto Comp, but he has got to start doing something.

Mr. Metallica seems content to just keep floating along, which I think is a valid strategy, but pretty soon he has to do something.

Hopefully this upcoming HoH competition will be an air guitar contest so he can finally win something and show what side he’s on.

That’s exactly why he doesn’t want to win though, because everyone thinks he’s in their pocket and he doesn’t want to show anyone any differently.

Does anyone else think he looks the same without the beard? I wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t a segment on the show.

Overall I am disappointed with the level of competitiveness this season as during competitions it seems only have the people involved want to win.

I think Danielle’s goose is cooked now as the lovers are going to be after her full force.

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Now we are going to be stuck listening to Brendon drone on and on in the diary about how you can’t separate true love.

I guarantee we will at least once hear him say “True love conquers all”.

Now we’re going to be treated to diary room sessions of them together professing their love and thanking America. Gag.

Thanks, America.

Anybody want to place a bet on when the first Big Brother baby is born?

I’ll guess May 11, 2012.

Was anybody happy to see Ragan and Mensa Matt last night?

Didn’t think so. Me either.

How awesome would it have been if Rachel and Brendon had to compete against each other?

They would have tried to throw the basketballs into the holes while holding hands and sobbing uncontrollably. That would have been worth watching.

“I love you.....

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