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Big Brother: There Will Be Blood On The Walls
Yell At Your TV Recap And Commentary by Kathleen
July 22, 2011

Welcome to Big Brother 13 Thursday Live Eviction Night.

Did you watch Wednesday?

Did you watch Rachel hiding in the shrubbery sobbing her heart out? It was sad. It sounded like she was actually crying. The phrase would be ďcrying her eyes outĒ.

But, did you see her when the camera made its way in to the bush? Not an eyelash out of place. Where does she get her make up? Thatís some powerful stuff.

But, I digress. To bring you up to speed, Jordan is HoH, she nominated Dominic (and Adam); Dominic won the PoV and took himself (and Adam) off the block; and, Jordan caved to team unity and nominated Cassi (and Shelly).

The better choice, game-wise, would have been Rachel and Brendan to split them up. There was some push from both Danielle and Jeff to do it. But, Jordon doesnít like having people mad at her so she picked the easier choice.

The Vegas odds are on Cassi to go. No one is afraid of or dislikes Shelly.

Now you may sit back and watch the selected recaps and the live semi-scripted stuff.

The first recap tells us that Rachel and Brendan invented a plan to backdoor Cassi.

Well, that is how it worked out but it was more complicated than that. Dominic winning was what made it work and Rachel had nothing to do with that.

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Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

The Veteranís alliance cracks. Jeff and Rachel are at each otherís throats.

Rachel cries that America hates her. Why is that so important to you, Rachel?

You worry about if Brendan loves your hotness, if America loves you period, and if Brendanís family will like you? Sad. I donít think the girl likes herself. So sad.

But now we begin. The serene miss Julie Chen arrives to greet us.

Itís day 20. And Julie recaps the whole thing again. Who will leave and who will get a key? That would be Cassi and Shelly.

Shelly feels like sheís safe but she hates that it will mean Cassi, her friend, will go. Jordan repeats, again, that the alliance is all about getting Cassi out.

This is not actually an alliance.....

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