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Big Brother: Two Newbies And Two Vets Make The Final Four
Yell At Your TV Recap And Commentary by Kathleen
September 8, 2011

But, by now, itís probably a past problem. Weíre pretty sure that an eviction happened yesterday and weíre also pretty certain that a contest for HoH happened.

Grab your beverage. Iíve got the remote. Letís go.

First come the quick recaps of some of what I just said, then we see a clip of the jury house and one of Tori Spelling making Adam very happy.

Second, we reprise what I just said again. Kalia and Porsche are on the block. Both of them engage in some Diary Room Trash Talk.

Then Kalia finally does the math and figures out that IF Adam wins the veto and then IF Adam takes one of them down then Rachel has to put up Jordan.

Somehow Kalia feels that would save whichever one Adam didnít save, the other would prevail over Jordan. Math? Yes. Probability? Not so much.

It has been said that Kalia actually believes her own words. That is very sad. Probably also very true.

Kalia makes a speech to Porsche about Adam not being a competitor. Pots and Kettles.

Kalia has won nothing that didnít involve standing still doing questions and answers.

Beyond that, Kalia eats, sleeps, eats some more and lies to anyone who crosses her path. I guess thatís competing if you are Kalia.

Adam is ramping himself up to win the veto.

Heís vowing that heís with Rachel and Jordan. Jordan is not positive she can trust Adam but she knows she cannot trust Kalia and Porsche. Sheís still pondering.

Now we see the veto competition. We have a slippery slide, a pool of water, a lot of floating pie plates, with pies, and a big robotic shark.

The shark will describe the pie it is craving.

The hamsters have to find the pie that matches that by scrubbing the pie off the plate revealing a label which is the name of a hamster.

The hamster then crawls up the slippery slide and presents the cleaned off plate to the shark.

Right? Continue. Wrong? Elimination. Five hamsters, four eliminations will do it.

Before we begin, we hear all about who needs to win and why each has to win. Nothing new.

First round we are looking for the Judas pie. That would be Brendan. Jordan fell on the climb back up, so sheís out.

Second round is the winner.....

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