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Big Brother 15

Keep The Big Sister Reports Coming

Big Sister
Exclusive live feed coverage.
Often surveyed as the most popular coverage of Big Brother on the net, Reality TV Calendar will continue it's tradition of letting you know what is really happening in the house when the 15th season debuts on June 26th.

Last season we published over 160 full length Big Brother articles.

Over four million readers can't be wrong.

This season is expected to be 15 days longer than last year. That means even more coverage!

Once again we will have exclusive Big Sister coverage of all the hamster antics.

Big Sister will have her eyes glued to the live feeds 24 hours a day and let you know what the hamsters are doing that CBS won't show you.

Big Sister will tell you about everything that goes on in the house with her unique brand of commentary, and don't think if you watch "After Dark" you know what's going on. Big Sis will keep you up to date on the plots, the twists, the lies and the relationships.

The only way to really know what is going on is to read Big Sister for the analysis and the snark. Watch for lots of spoilers! LOTS OF SPOILERS!

Kathleen and Anthony DeMott will recap every episode so you can relive the fun and the smoke and mirrors that Big Brother will feed you during the CBS shows.

Big Sister and the rest of the RTVC staff will give you commentary that is fun to read and based on what is really happening.

You think you know what happens in the house?

If you're not reading RTVC, you don't know.

You can help keep Big Sister's reports coming with a donation of any size.

It's really appreciated.

Current Hamster Status

Season 15 Winner: Andy, 7 - 2

Second Place: GinaMarie

Final 3: Andy, GinaMarie & Spencer

HoH Part 1 Winner: GinaMarie

HoH Part 2 Winner: Andy

HoH Part 3 Winner: Andy

Final Two: Andy and GinaMarie

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