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Big Brother: The Power Shifts, Hamsters Scurry, And Jeremy Is A Beautiful Person
24 Hour Live Feeds Report by Big Sister
July 7, 2013

Jessie is siting on the HoH bed doing her makeup and Big Brother yells at her because she hasn't bothered to put on a mic yet.

Kaitlin joins them and of course we are back to her conviction that she is going on the block and going home. I'm tired of listening to her whine about it.

Candice comes out of the Diary Room and passes the word that they have about an hour to get ready for the MVP nomination and PoV player picks.

Upstairs Aaryn is pissed off, so what's new? This time it is because people are talking to Elissa. She calls Elissa “the Devil” and doesn't know how they could dare talk to her when she doesn't want them to.

She is watching Elissa on the spy screen and scowling at her. Judd walks in and tells her that Elissa has been talking to him. Neither Judd nor Aaryn are happy about that.

Aaryn says “She corners everyone!” Judd offers to play PoV if he gets Houseguests Choice. Aaryn tells him that would look suspicious.

With three nominees I'm not sure we will see that this season.

She is still watching Elissa on the screen and suddenly starts cackling with glee and shouting at Judd, "Look at this! Look at this!" She has spotted Elissa talking to someone. Oh no! This is just not allowed. It must be stopped.

She sends Judd down to break up a conversation that Elissa is having with Spencer.

Elissa had been telling Spenser that Jeremy and Kaitlin need to be broken up.

Aaryn watches Judd break up the conversation and laughs.

Downstairs Judd whispers to Elissa, “She is watching you.”

He goes back upstairs and tells Aaryn he didn't talk to Elissa but she called him over and asked who he was voting for.

Kaitlin and Aaryn are so excited about it, “She's already asking people to vote for her!” That too is not allowed.

Aaryn tells them “I'm going to win the Veto.”

Judd mentions that he hasn't talked with McCrae lately and Jessie pipes in with “I haven't either, every time I try to I get yelled at by Amanda.”

A few minutes later Judd is telling Spencer that the girls in the HoH have been watching Spencer on the spy screen and that he needs to be careful who he is seen talking to.

Later Spencer is complaining to Amanda that Elissa hasn't told them whether or not she got MVP. Amanda says “It's okay, Elissa is weird but she'll come through.”

Judd joins them and the “MVP thing” scares him. They tell him not to worry it won't last forever. And again I wonder why they think it is not a season long twist.

Upstairs Jeremy is talking about wanting to play the Veto. He tells the girls “I want to show I'm not just a physical threat. I'm mental too.”

The Flying Pig Squad, the Clue Fairy, Captain Obvious and the lovely Corporal Crystal Clear as well as the Big Brother Executive Producer in Charge of Delusional Hamsters all try to rush into the room at the same time.

They all hit the doorway at the same time causing a massive pile up that results in BLT's for the whole Control Room crew.

On the HoH bed Kaitlin is straddling.....

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