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Big Brother: Judge Elissa, Aaryn Disappears, Spencer's Balls Located
24 Hour Live Feeds Report by Big Sister
July 25, 2013

Helen tells Andy that she asked Elissa and that she tried to make Elissa understand why she shouldn't have done that. She also tried to scare Elissa and told her that if she “keeps this up the alliance won't want her with them.”

Andy tells her it's too late for that, “We don't want her.” Helen says “I know, but I didn't tell her that.”

Helen tells him that she tried to get Elissa to apologizes but Elissa told her that she didn't owe an apology.

Helen seems to genuinely regret it when she says “We're going to have to get rid of her soon.”

Judd joins them and talk turns to the identity of the MVP this week. Helen still thinks it is Howard. Andy believes it is America.

Judd thinks the fact that the identity hasn't been revealed is “so we will point fingers at each other and get suspicious of each other” and Andy says “Yeah, like now.”

Judd says “We won't know until it's all over.”

Aaryn joins them and Helen and Judd brief her in. They want her to lay low today and they are hoping that last night will just blow over and go away.

They tell her she has nothing to worry about, they have the votes, and she is staying. They just don't want a repeat of last night before the vote.

Aaryn agrees and will just keep quiet today.

Talk turns to Spencer. They all agree that he is “creepy” because he never stops talking about sex.

Aaryn tells them that if she wins HoH and gets to pick the Have Nots again it will be GinaMarie, Howard, Spencer and Elissa.

My picks would be Aaryn, Elissa, GinaMarie and Amanda just because I'd like to watch the fireworks.

They talk briefly about Elissa and all agree that Elissa has a sense of entitlement that is very irritating.

Later Aaryn is telling Jessie that if she wins HoH she is going to put up Howard and Elissa. Yesterday, before all the drama, she was going to put up Howard and Spencer.

Jessie tells her that Spencer “creeped me out” with the comment about him thinking her vagina “would taste like butterscotch.”

Later Helen tells Jessie that “the second Elissa gets MVP again the whole house will be kissing her ass.”

She also tells her that “Aaryn will never make jury.”

Elsewhere Amanda is trying to convince Candice that she and McCrae will not target her and Howard.

Candice isn't buying it.

She says “That isn't true because Howie.....

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