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Big Brother: No Truth To Be Told As The House Explodes
24 Hour Live Feeds Report by Big Sister
August 22, 2013

Aaryn tells them it doesn't matter because Elissa will go home next week, and then says “NO, she probably won't, production will give her a special power.”

Aaryn calls Elissa “a bigger bully that Jeremy.”

It goes on and on. A few times Helen apologizes for Elissa's behavior.

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Later down in the lounge Amanda, Spencer, McCrae and Andy have gathered.

Amanda tells them “I've never wanted to punch someone in the face more than that cunt.”

Upstairs Aaryn is telling Helen “My greatest fear is being manipulated. All the good honest people have left. All the mean manipulative people have stayed.”

And of course she feels like she is going to throw up.

She goes on “Elissa is the center of all the bad here. You are the best person I have ever met and you are tied to the worst person I have ever met."

GinaMarie says “Pretty much me too, except Candice.”

Aaryn tells Helen “You wouldn't be on the block if you weren't aligned with her.”

Elissa walks back into the HoH room. She looks up at a camera and says “America, these people are liars. Andy is a liar too.”

Helen says “Well I'm going to jury.”

Elissa, still trying to play nice and make friends says, “These people lie all the time. They just want to look good in front of the cameras. It's ridiculous, all these accusations about me making threats!”

Downstairs they are talking about Elissa. They believe the feeds are cut whenever Elissa is speaking so that she doesn't look bad.

Obviously that's not happening. What will be interesting is how Elissa is shown in the next couple of episodes. I believe we will see some of it tonight.

Upstairs, in a loud and strident voice, Elissa says “I'll put Andy up because he is a traitor. I'll put up anybody I want.”

Downstairs Amanda wants McCrae and Spencer to drive Elissa into self-evicting.

Aaryn tells them that Elissa said “I can never win against you and that you are taking credit for everything I have done. She called me a loser.”

Aaryn doesn't understand why Elissa “thinks she can survive with everyone in the house against her.”

Maybe she doesn't think she can. Maybe this is her way of self-evicting. Or maybe she really does believe production will save her and she can do anything she wants.

Aaryn says “Nobody has ever treated me like that.”

Amanda says.....

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