Big Brother 18: Eviction, HoH, And This Week's Alliance
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Big Brother 18: Eviction, HoH, And This Week's Alliance
Live Feed Report from Big Sister
September 9, 2016

Which means what else is going on in the house is not something that they want us to see or is even more boring than cards at the kitchen table.

James and Natalie are in the London room. He is folding laundry. She tells him she won't cuss anybody out.

She says “You don't have to worry about me, just worry about yourself.”

James says “Wow, you really know how to push people away.”

She tells him she is looking forward to seeing Julie and leaving behind these “sick, toxic humans.”

Then she tells him that she hopes her and James can remain friends. He says “It's up to you.”

Now it's time to attack him. And of course how she was hurt. She bring up him having a conversation with “them.” She means Nicole and Corey.

“Do yo know how much that hurt me.”

He tells her he has already apologized about that.

She goes off on how they are always making fun of her. “They are so annoying, I can't wait to get out of here.”

The she goes on to talk about him saying she threw him under the bus. He has taken the tactic of helping with her excuses. I think he has gotten to the point that he just wants her out so he doesn't have to deal with her.

Considering the circumstances I'm not going to report the rest. Basically it is James fault for screwing up her game.

The rest of the house is just killing time. Playing cards, eating and chatting about nothing.

James tells Natalie he plans to throw the HoH so that he can play next week.

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At 3:20pm the feeds turn to Jeff and I put in my Paradise Hotel CD.

A half hour has past and we've still got Jeff. I think they are down until after the episode. They were.

When we left the episode.....

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