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The Biggest Loser: Two Pound Loser Goes Home
Recap and Commentary by Jennifer T.
October 23, 2013

It's time for The Biggest Loser tip, otherwise known as egregious product placement by the trainers.

It's Dolvett ‘s turn and he shares that Larabar Über is a perfect snack. All of the contestants talk about how wonderful they are. I know a lot of people love Larabars but I think they are horrible. I'd rather just eat fruit and nuts that eat fruit and nuts that have been smooshed into a bar shape.

Bob is complaining about the roll of the die but says he glad that his blue team gets two chances. Bob is wearing a shirt that says, "Mahalo burpees." For those of you not up on your Hawaiian or exercise terminology, mahalo means thanks and burpees are those horrible squat thrusts.

The shirt is from Project X, a clothing brand that supports CrossFit, which Bob actively promotes. I'm fairly certain this will not be the last CrossFit reference we see or hear this season.

Bob says that Hap is a different person; he came to the ranch as a father of two and now he's a father of three. I don't really buy this. It isn't like he came to the ranch childless and is now a father. I don't really think people change that much by having a third child.

Jillian feels okay about her team. She's a little worried about Jay because he had such a big number last week. She thinks Tumi and Craig will do well and Marie and Fernanda will do okay.

Since we've barely heard a peep from Jay or Tumi in two weeks and have only seen Marie speak once, I'm guessing none of them will be picked to weigh in.

Even though a die roll is random, I feel like Craig is being set up to deliver a redemption story after being saved last week and if I had to guess, he's going to weigh in and the white team will be safe.

Then it doesn't matter who loses because I'm thinking that either Dolvett or Bob will just use his save and no one will be sent home.

In addition to Dr. H, another one of the casualties of the move to a one hour show seems to be the weekly shouts of "last chance workout!" It's been two weeks and we haven't heard it once.

At the weigh in, Alison has a much better outfit on; she's wearing a cute color blocked black and white sheath dress. Let's just hope that we never see the daisy duke, boots, safari hat combo again.

In addition to the dice rolls to see whose weight will count for each team, there will be a red line. The member of the losing team with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be going home - or not, if he or she is on the red or blue team and we see a trainer save.

It's time to find out whose weight will count for each team. Dolvett steps up to roll his die and he wants Jennifer or Rachel to come up.

Ruben wants it to land on him and like Chelsea, he doesn't seem to understand that dice is a plural word. Tanya is the only person on red who doesn't want her face to come up. Is that foreshadowing?

It is! Dolvett rolls and Tanya's face is on top. Dolvett does not look happy at all. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen him look as pissed as he does right now.

Jillian walks up next to roll and Fernanda's face is on top. I guess I was wrong about Craig's redemption story, but it did land on one of the two people on the white team that we've actually heard from.

Bob gets to roll two dice. The first lands on.....

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