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The Biggest Loser: Halloween Challenge And A Star Leaves The Ranch
Recap and Commentary by Jennifer T.
November 6, 2013

No secret save.
Thanks for joining me for this week's episode of The Biggest Loser.

Before we start, can I ask how bad it is to watch The Biggest Loser while polishing off the rest of our Halloween candy? I feel mildly guilty, but not really.

Since Dolvett used his save last week on Tanya, no one went home and we don't have a reveal at the start of the show.

Tanya is crying about her zero pound loss last week and she feels guilty for forcing Dolvett to use his only save. Her team supports her and they all say that she deserved the save. Ruben thinks that not having a save anyone will push the red team harder.

Eerie music begins to play and it's a Halloween themed challenge.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

If you recall, The Biggest Loser premiere was pushed back a week so this episode was originally slated to air last week, before Halloween, which would have made more sense. With the exception of leftover candy, Halloween seems long gone.

The clocks have fallen back, Starbucks has already switched to their red holiday cups and the drug stores have replaced bags of candy with Christmas decorations.

Alison tells the losers that the average kid collects 7000 calories of candy in one night. The challenge is the first temptation challenge of Season 15.

The winner wins immunity for his or her entire team. That's huge! The red and white teams are all over this challenge as their trainer saves are both gone.

This challenge takes place in a field of 100 pumpkins. Alison says that one pumpkin contains the immunity prize. The others contain treats. Some of the treats are cash prizes, but the rest are actual treats.

If a player finds a treat he or she has the choice to eat it and continue the game or pass. Passing means the entire team is out of the challenge.

This should be interesting. I think a lot of these contestants are going to eat a lot of junk!

Tumi says that the white team is going to go for immunity. Their strategy is for the bigger guys to eat as much as possible because it will be easier for them to burn off the calories.

The two girls can step in when there are fewer pumpkins left.

Rachel says that she just doesn't want the blue team to win. If Bob's team wins, someone is going home since both red and white have used their trainer saves. Sounds like foreshadowing to me!

Round one begins and three losers go out and pick out pumpkins. In case you are wondering, these are not real pumpkins. They are obviously plastic pumpkins designed to look like real pumpkins that have been hollowed out.

Chelsea gets a huge wad of cash. Tumi is in awe and Holley does a little dance.

Chelsea has won $500! Craig finds 70 calories of chocolate and David gets 80 calories worth of chocolate. Craig and David both eat the chocolate.

In round two, Holley gets a 210 calorie chocolate wafer and she eats it.

Jay gets a large 250 calorie candy bar which he eats. Ruben gets a piece of pumpkin pie and says he hates pumpkin pie. It is 290 calories.

I have to say, it must really suck to.....

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