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The Biggest Loser: Jillian's Cheating Scandal Brings Ruben Back
Recap and Commentary by Jennifer T.
November 13, 2013

He'll be back.
It's time for The Biggest Loser! Hopefully we start the show with a look at where Ruben Studdard is now since he went home last week.

And we don't! Do we really not get to see what Ruben looks like? That's so annoying. The, "where are they now," segments have always been one of my favorite parts of the show.

Instead we get to see the cast mourning the loss of Ruben. I'm sure the NBC executives are crying too, since they lost their only celebrity.

Dolvett takes his team out for some inspiration. He takes the red team to the Beat Cancer Bootcamp. The ladies of the Beat Cancer fitness group look like bad asses. They are all in camouflage pants, as is Dolvett!

Of course, David starts crying over his first wife, who died of a brain tumor. I have to wonder what David's current wife thinks of all the focus on his first wife.

David tells us about his first wife's diagnosis and fight with cancer. I swear we've seen this exact segment before and sure enough there is a caption over David's talking head that says, "day one."

I'm just annoyed because there is really no good reason to justify showing the exact same sob story segment again.

David is inspired to work out with these cancer survivors. I think they are going to kick his butt.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

The women take the losers through a military style workout complete with an obstacle course.

Tanya says that seeing these women who have gone through chemotherapy and survived cancer work out like this has touched her. She vows to stop complaining about her Biggest Loser workouts.

It's challenge time! Alison and a guest greet the teams in front of the pool.

Today's challenge isn't about exercise, its about the other half of the battle, often the more challenging half for most people, nutrition. Alison introduces her guest, Sam Kass, the White House Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition.

The losers are excited to meet the man who cooks for the Obamas. I'm guessing he doesn't really do the actual cooking at the White House, but what do I know.

The challenge is a cooking challenge and upon hearing this, Holley winces. Tanya gets a big grin on her face and says that she thinks she is the best cook in the house.

Holley is still wincing. She tells us that she is intimidated.

Apparently Tanya owns her own chicken restaurant. This is news to me so if it was mentioned before, I missed it.

I'm surprised that it hasn't come up because, Marci and Courtney, the last contestants to own a restaurant, or at least a Dairy Queen, brought it up all the time as a challenge to their weight loss.

The challenge involves.....

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