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The Biggest Loser: Is the Winner a Forgone Conclusion? - Here's The Rankings
Rankings and Commentary by Donna Emery

The triathlon will be a half-mile swim, a 12 mile bike ride, and a 3-mile run.

The winner of the race will get a secured spot at the finale - AND a Ford Fusion car. Wow! Jackie and Dan, (from season 5) stop by to wish the contestants well.

They are representatives from the sponsor of the race: The Biggest Loser Run/Walk.

The swimming portion of the race goes pretty quickly for everyone except Bobby, who freaks out about halfway through it, but somehow manages to finish. As expected, Rachel is done way before anyone else - in about 10 minutes.

As soon as they finish the swim, everyone hops on their bikes. Rachel finishes that part of the race in just about an hour. She's way ahead of David - and ahead of everyone else.

Since the last part is a 3-mile run, I am not worried about Rachel maintaining her lead. And she does: she comes in first, with a time of 1 hour and 32 minutes. Rachel has won a spot at the finale, and a Ford Fusion. Way to go!!

David finishes about 20 minutes later. Chelsea is third; followed by Jennifer, and then Bobby. I think he's just proud that he finished it.

At the Ranch, each contestant sits down with his or her trainer to see a video chronicling their "journey" ( a word I am beyond sick of) on the Ranch.

I thought it was interesting to see Chelsea and Bobby, who began their time with Bob's team, get an uninvited visit from Jillian during their video.

No one mentioned the non-existence of Jillian's team, among the final five. I guess she figured her participation with "all" the contestants, once they went to "singles" invitation enough to join them at their viewing. Whatever.

After this, we got to see Marie's transformation video.

She's kept her makeover hairstyle, and she has also lost almost 100 pounds. She is more active now, and a visit to her doctor revealed that she is ovulating, once again.

She is excited that she can now begin to dream of starting a family! Maybe she will be like the contestant from Utah, who didn't attend the finale in her season; because she got pregnant!

The weigh in went quickly, with only 5 left to weigh in, and one finale spot already taken.

Here are the results of the weigh in.

Rachel weighed 151 pounds. She lost 1 pound and is now 150.

Chelsea weighed 164 pounds. She lost 7 pounds and is now 157.

Jennifer weighed 185 pounds. She lost 3 pounds and is now 182.

Bobby weighed 248 pounds. He lost 17 pounds and is now 231. That's pretty amazing, considering his previous lack of momentum. It's also exciting for Bobby, since he realizes this means he is in the finale!

Sadly, for Jennifer, it also means she is going home. She looks as though she expected it.

David weighed.....

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