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The Biggest Loser: The Ranch At “The End of the Road”
Commentary and Recap By RTVC Staff Writer Donna Emery
January 7, 2010

He set a new record!
This week on the Biggest Loser, we met the next 22 people who will compete for the right to claim this season’s title.

By the end of the episode, only 17 of them were still at the Ranch.

The episode began with the announcer telling us this group was comprised of representatives of “the epitome of obesity.” He also reminded us of something we’d learned at last season’s finale: this group was going to have their first encounter with the scale in their home towns - in front of all their friends and family.

I guess they are also representatives of desperate courage.

After a few flash-forwards to some of the group reacting to their weigh-ins, Bob and Jillian gave us some opening remarks. They challenged us by asking if WE have what it takes to make a change in our lives. They gave us a preview of the workouts to come. They called the Ranch “a place of hope; a place of pain” and “a place where only champions go.

We watched as the contestants – who we yet to get to know – got phone calls from Bob and Jillian, telling them they were going to be on the Biggest Loser. The usual excited reactions were shown. When they found out about their public weigh-ins, (which Bob called “their first courageous step”, their excitement turned to consternation and dread.

We got to see the Orange Team (Cheryl and her son, Daris) walk up to the scale and see how they felt. Daris’ starting weight is 346; Cheryl’s is 227. Daris told the gathered crowd he’ll do everything he can to make them proud. “I will make myself proud, too,” he promised.

The Purple Team consists of Patti and her daughter Stephanie. Patti’s starting weight is 243; Stephanie’s is 264. They both seem like very nice, positive people.

The Brown Team is a pair of identical twins; John and James. The guys said that they’d gained their weight together and would lose it together. When the scale revealed John’s starting weight as 484 and James’ as 485, they joked that they were “The Half-Ton Twins.”

The new Pink Team featured a blonde mom, Sherri and her daughter, Ashley. To me, they seem as though they are channeling Helen and Shanon from season 7. Sherry revealed she’d gained her weight as a reaction to her husband’s death; Ashley regretted her weight, as her Dad had always wanted her to be healthy. Ashley weighed in at 374; Sherry starts at 218.

The Black Team brings us a father and daughter: Darrell and Andrea. Darrel weighed in at 413, while Andrea begins at 298. They both seem quiet, but they have lovely smiles.

Next came the Blue Team. Mom Cherita joined with her daughter, Victoria. Cherita revealed she is a breast cancer survivor. “I want to live. I can’t afford to die,” she vowed. Cherita’s starting weight is 277; Victoria weighed 358.

Our new Green Team is.....
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