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TV Guide: Growing Up Gotti

SirLinksalot: Growing Up Gotti Links

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Growing Up Gotti - Recaps - News - Photos - Contests

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Recaps and Commentaires by Eleanor Meilinger

Growing Up Gotti News
August 24, 2004
For some inexplicable reason A&E chose to air a repeat of the second episode tonight.

This is only the 4th week that the show has been on the air and so far they have switched the night for rebroadcast twice, changed the 3rd episode that was scheduled to air and are already offering repeats.

It makes you wonder if the other episodes that had been completed are back in the editing room. If this show wants to be successful in the coming weeks when competition will become fierce the network ought to rethink the scheduling of their one breakout hit.

Viewers must just find something else to turn to if this happens too often. In the 9:30 timeslot they are already bound to lose viewership when hour long shows air on the major networks in the new fall schedules. This was the time to solidify their fan-base, not disappoint them.

Personally I was hoping to find out this week if Jeff and Quack-Quack had been sentenced to clean the pool as penance for their misdeeds in Miami. Perhaps we'll never know...
Eleanore Meilinger

July 26, 2004
Here are some fun links from the Growing Up Gotti sites. Enjoy!
Click Here for a "Gotti Guys Quiz"
Click Here for a "Gotti Gals Quiz"
Click Here for the Gotti Sound Board

July 23, 2004
RTVC is happy to announce that Eleanor Meilinger will be recapping Growing Up Gotti for us. Eleanor is a NYC girl living in seclusion in the mountains of PA. She has a story or an opinion about EVERYTHING. (Hence the "If you ask me..." She will tell you!) She can be reached at

July 22, 2004
Reality TV Calendars kicks off it's own "You Gotti Have It" Contest! You could win!
One Grand Prize Winner
Biography Channel Saturday Night Live DVD
A&E T-shirt
Collection of 3 Lil Kim CDs
Two Runners-Up
A&E T-shirts

Just tell us: "I Gotti Have It!" by clicking on the email link below. Winners will be drawn by random drawing on December 13, 2004. Winners will be contacted by email.
Email Entry

July 21, 2004
Press Release
LOS ANGELES, CA, July 21, 2004 – Opening historically closed doors into a very private world, A&E Network premieres its newest real-life series, GROWING UP GOTTI, exposing for the first time the day-to-day life of author Victoria Gotti and her family. GROWING UP GOTTI premieres Monday, August 2, 2004 at 9:30PM ET and PT / 8:30PM CT.

GROWING UP GOTTI reveals the life of a most intriguing woman. Victoria Gotti is a best-selling author, a nationally syndicated columnist and a celebrated personality, who also happens to be a divorced mother of three teenage boys, and the daughter of the late John Gotti. Now, Victoria Gotti is allowing viewers unprecedented access to her unique work and social life, along with her home life with her sons.

GROWING UP GOTTI is an unscripted look inside Victoria’s real life of Victoria Gotti as she balances family, work, and the dating scene. Those who only know her as the daughter of the late John Gotti are in for a surprising look at a multi-dimensional working mom. From interviewing A-list celebrities on the red carpet to going on a date arranged by a celebrity match maker to contemplating and undergoing her first round of Botox injections to whipping up a big pot of “gravy” for a Sunday family dinner, each episode offers an unvarnished look at one of America’s most fascinating women. GROWING UP GOTTI also features the explosive presence of her three sons, Frank, Carmine, and John (or as they are sometimes called, “the Hottie Gottis”). The four Gottis are an incredible centerpiece to this bold new real-life series.

July 14, 2004
A & E has announced a “Gotti Have It!” Sweepstakes. You can enter by clicking on the banner above. One grand prize winner will receive a home theater system, a one-year subscription to Star Magazine, Viva Italia Dinner for 2, The Encyclopedia of Italian Cooking, and a collection of ‘Lil Kim music. Two runners-up will win Viva Italia Dinner for 2, The Encyclopedia of Italian Cooking and a collection of ‘Lil Kim music.

Visit The Official Growing Up Gotti site.

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