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High School Reunion 3 - Recaps - News - Photos - Gossip
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TV Guide: High Scholl Reunion

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High School Reunion 2
Nikol - Then Nikol "The Good Girl" - Then and Now

From day one of high school, Nikol, a model and cheerleader, led a charmed life. She was very popular, athletic and pageant-queen-perfect. Basically, she was one of those girls you just loved to hate.
While Nikol has traveled all over the world and accomplished a great deal, including, the title Supermodel of America, she's barely expanded her horizons when it comes to her personal life. A decade has passed and this beautician still wants answers from her high school sweetheart (Jim Kovach, "The Jock") on why he dumped her.
Nikol - Then

Brian - Then Brian "The Bully" - Then and Now

Brian was captain of the football team, friends with "anybody and everybody," and... A notorious Cardinal Gibbons bully.
Single and successful, Brian has definitely got something to prove to the people who used to know him back in high school. He says the greatest change he has gone through is that he no longer acts like a jerk and he's learned how to be a gentleman.
Brian - Then

Jaime - Then Jaime "The Obsessed Ex" - Then and Now
Practically from the moment she started high school, Jaime shined as a solid student, cheerleader and a member of one of the snobbiest cliques on campus. Despite all the partying she and her girlfriends were into (Jaime's house was often party-central!), she claims she was a good girl through and through.
Apparently Jaime has never made peace with being harshly dumped by her longtime boyfriend Gianni ("The Basketball Star"). Other than a three week trip to Europe, she's never ventured far from her hometown and is currently single. Jaime's one teenage regret is never confronting Gianni about the callous way he treated her
Jaime - Then

Ezequiel - Then Ezequiel (Eze) "The Shy Guy" - Then and Now
In high school, Eze who hails from Argentina was an avid soccer player and the kind of guy who never missed a party. He considered himself popular with everybody - even the teachers and the school priest.
These days, Eze still plays soccer, has a career he loves and considers himself to be much more confident and independent then he was at Cardinal Gibbons. While he thoroughly enjoys his life as a bachelor, he wouldn't mind settling down if the right girl came his way.
Ezequiel - Then

Carin - Then Carin "The Outcast" - Then and Now
Carin, a self-proclaimed drama queen, was part of the popular crowd in school, but never felt like she truly fit in due to her weight problem. Still, she loved to throw parties and play practical jokes. Excelling in academics was not a high priority on account of the fact that she claims she was having too much fun.
Carin, who is currently pursuing an acting career in New York City, has changed dramatically since high school. Not only has she ditched close to 150 pounds, she's also one of the few members of her class who seems to have successfully left Ft. Lauderdale far, far behind her.
Carin - Then

John - Then John "The Loud Mouth" - Then and Now
Back in the day, John easily walked the line between a cool jock and a goof. Unlike a lot of self-proclaimed class clowns, John had no problem being popular and he claims his teens were all about having plenty of "crazy fun.
So far, maturity doesn't seem to be high on John's to-do list. He is actually proud that he remains unchanged after 10 years. John readily admits he still thinks he's "all that," even though several of his former classmates find him loud and obnoxious. His biggest reunion fear: that all the pretty girls will be fat!
John - Then

Loretta - Then Loretta "The Dream Girl" - Then and Now
Stealing kisses and scoring points on the volleyball court is about as wicked as Loretta got during her teens. And while she could have dated practically any guy in the state of Florida, she played it cool, dating occasionally but never locking herself into anything serious. Her one regret? That she blew her chance with, Gianni, the school's star basketball player.
Loretta is a complete and total guy-magnet yet she seems to have no clue about how stunning she is. Since high school, she's found a career she loves, but refuses to let it run her life. She's still an avid volleyball player, loves to dance and is, at the moment, quite single.
Loretta - Then

Jim - Then Jim "The Jock" - Then and Now
Despite being one of the hottest looking guys on campus, Jim was a self-proclaimed shy guy and claims the only reason he was considered cool years ago was because he was good at football. He was never short on dates, that's for sure, however, no one could ever accuse him of being a player.
Jim says he realized early on that what's considered cool in high school doesn't translate to success in the real world. These days, he's rapidly moving up the ladder in his profession and has a lot more confidence. However, his worst high school memory still concerns the night when Nikol (The Good Girl) broke his heart.
Jim - Then

Jen - Then Jen "The Predator" - Then and Now
This bright, beautiful volleyball champ's greatest claim to fame in high school was the fact that no guy could call her his. Long-term relationships were not her style. Instead she managed to interact with a variety of different school cliques without ever becoming a member of any single one.
Since high school, Jen's been an extremely busy girl. She's a passionate social worker and has put herself through college and now holds three degrees. Socially, Jen is still as fickle as ever and her reputation for stealing other girls' boyfriends has followed her to the island.
Jen - Then

Gianni - Then Gianni "The Basketball Star" - Then and Now
Hands down, Gianni was considered the keeper of his class. This tall, dark and handsome dude had it all. An impressive GPA and a winning streak on the basketball court. While he spent most of high school years dating one girl, Jaime ("The Predator"), he certainly didn't go through Cardinal Gibbons without catching a lot of the girls' eye.
Gianni is currently living out his dream as a pro basketball player in Italy. He's got a charmed life and he knows it, yet, somehow, Gianni, has remained humble and grateful for what he claims is a "blessed" life. He also happens to be utterly and totally single and open to "anything" when it comes to romance.
Gianni - Then

Nikki - Then Nikki "The Head Cheerleader" - Then and Now
Somewhere along the way in high school, Nikki lost it. She went from being a popular, life-of-the-party cheerleader to a pissed-off, skinny and depressed loner. The cause? A lousy boyfriend she couldn't seem to break free of until after graduation.
This bubbly, outgoing and way optimistic blond has since left Florida for Hollywood, California and has made a full recovery from her troubled high school years. At the reunion she intends to reclaim her "lost" years, reconnect with old friends and have fun.
Nikki - Then

Brien - Then Brien "The Rebel" - Then and Now
Brien, who once described himself as academically unmotivated, free-spirited and A.D.D. crazy, was so out of control years ago he actually got kicked out of Cardinal Gibbons at the end of his sophomore year.
It's hard to imagine this highly-motivated, entrepreneur was ever a juvenile delinquent! Though Brien still claims to live life on the edge, he also happens to be crazy successful. While he is currently in a relationship, he isn't opposed to having one of his former classmates break him of his commitment phobia.
Brien - Then

Photos and descriptions from The WB site: Click Here To Visit

High School Reunion 3
TV Guide Online calls it "The reality show that makes getting older even uglier", the school's principal calls it "a black eye for us", and we call a wonderfully delicious guilty pleasure.

Officially dubbed High School Reunion: Fort Lauderdale it will take place thousands of miles away in Hawaii. Once again we will witness temper-tantrums, the return of teenage angst and of course a hook up or two as the students of Cardinal Gibbons High School Reunite.

Here's what The WB is saying:
Back stabbing! Boyfriend swapping! Brawls! The WB brings it on with the return of High School Reunion. Watch as 14 classmates from Cardinal Gibbons High, an ultra ritzy, private, Catholic school in Fort Lauderdale - all of whom are no strangers to teenage snobbery and sex scandals - are reunited after 10 years on the island of Maui. The ante is upped daily as vengeful new arrivals from rival cliques, classes and a nearby public school, do everything they can to crash the party and seek redemption.

Meanwhile Cardinal Gibbons Principal Paul Ott tells the Sun-Sentinel hat the show "is going to be a black eye for us," "But we'll recover. Cardinal Gibbons has graduated about 11,000 outstanding individuals. ... The people on this show are a small group, who are not typical of our students past or present." "These aren't bad kids. I taught some of them."

Reality TV Calendar is very happy to add Hank Cook to our writing staff. Hank, who was a 2000 graduate and Home Coming King at Cardinal Gibbons, will be recapping the show for us. You can read his recap of the season premiere on RTVC tomorrow.

Hank was Homecoming King and graduated from Cardinal Gibbons with the class of 2000. He is currently 22, living in Jacksonville, FL, and attending the University of North Florida. He promotes concerts and is trying to get Super Bowl tickets if you have some spares.
You can reach Hank at

We also want to welcome 1996 Cardinal Gibbons graduate Audrey Korshoff to the staff. Audrey will be writing commentaries on the show for us.

Audrey is a work at home mother to four children and 1996 graduate of Cardinal Gibbons.
You can contact her at

Here's the press release from The WB -

BURBANK, CA (October 8, 2004) - The third installment of The WB Network's hit reality series, HIGH SCHOOL REUNION: FORT LAUDERDALE, will premiere on Tuesday, December 7 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET).

Season three introduces a small group of classmates from three graduating classes of Cardinal Gibbons High School, a private Catholic school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The classmates are reunited for a two-week stay at a beachfront resort on the island of Oahu. Carefully selected by producers during an extensive interview process that took place before filming began, none of the participants knew that the reunion would take place on Oahu or which of their former classmates would be invited to attend.

High school personas are reawakened when the old group gets back together for a second chance to say and do the things they wish they had said and done the first time around. The surprise appearance of five star athletes from rival Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School adds even more tension to this volatile mix of personalities. Each episode will test the validity of who these people have become over time and what their classmates think of them now.

The first two seasons of the franchise were a success story for The WB. The second season of High School Reunion (3/14/04 - 05/02/04) in the Sunday 9:00pm time period, posted double digit gains over the time period the pervious year. The series was up +29% in persons 12-34, up +47% among females 12-34, up +36% with adults 18-34, up +47% with women 18-34, up +43% among women 18-49, and up +56% with female teens.

Created by executive producer Mike Fleiss, High School Reunion: Fort Lauderdale is co-executive produced by Mike Nichols and produced by AND Syndicated Productions, Inc. and NEXT Entertainment in association with Telepictures Productions, Inc

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