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Kitchen Nightmares: In Britain, "Busy Idiot" Is A Compliment
By RTVC Staff Writer Josh Potts
May 22, 2011

You have to hand it to the fine folks over at Kitchen Nightmares. For the season three finale, they saved the best for last.

The Oceana Restaurant, on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, was the scene for this latest culinary catastrophe. Brothers Moe and Rami took the joint over from their parents back in 2008, and have used their time at the helm to quickly send the business off a cliff.

First of all, this restaurant just might be the dirtiest restaurant in Kitchen Nightmares history. Pictures of dead rats littered the opening moments of this episode. The staff refers to them as ‘bunnies’ around the customers, employing the subtle code in an attempt to keep them from fleeing for the exits.

On top of the rats, there is dirt and grime everywhere. The place is disgusting.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Right on time, Chef Gordon Ramsay arrives for lunch. After meeting the brothers, and learning how to properly pronounce ‘Nawlins,’he orders the seafood gumbo, crab cakes, and blackened duck from Nell the waitress.

For those of you keeping score, Nell has been fired four times from the Oceana in the last 17 months. I mean, she must be awesome. After all, she’s been re-hired four times by these hotheaded nitwits.

Now, you would think that the seafood gumbo at a place on Bourbon Street in Nawlins would be good. But the slop these idiots put in a bowl and attempted to feed to Chef Ramsay looked worse than the food my wife and I serve to our dogs.

And I’m not kidding.

The crab cakes were soggy, watery mush and the duck was so tough, Gordon thought it had been cooked for five days. Nell thought it tasted like the bottom of a shoe.

Moe, of course, thought the food was great. He then made some inane comment about a British duck, and the entire kitchen started laughing, complete with insults about the way British people talk. Moe went on to say that he didn’t think British people could cook.

An interesting take from a guy whose restaurant is dying, and is in need of a British chef to take it off life support.

So, Chef Ramsay went back to meet executive chef Damon and the rest of the staff. After Gordon complained about the crab cakes which he was sure were frozen, Damon went on to say that they were not.

Rami, however, corrected this lie, forcing Damon to admit that not only is he a shitty cook, but he’s a liar as well.

Again, I know I’ve complained about this before, but why do people lie to Gordon Ramsay? He’s going to find out your lying. Just be honest with him. He’s there to help you.

Then, we find out that the.....

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