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Kitchen Nightmares: "Where can I spit this out?"
Recap and Commentary by RTVC taff Writer Rebecca Moatz
March 2, 2013

Joe Nagy and Gordon Ramsay
Delusion and denial.
Kitchen Nightmares takes us to the Mill Street Bistro in Norwalk, Ohio, where we experience a whole new level of arrogance, belligerence, anger, and overbearing and just plain rude behavior.

No, I am not talking about Chef Ramsay. Say what you want about Gordon Ramsay, but he has earned each and every one of those questionable tactics he employs, and most of the time, he does have a method behind the madness.

The owner of the Mill Street Bistro, however, is a bonified nightmare, and unlike Freddy Krueger where one simply needs to wake up to escape, the only escape from Joe Nagy is to never work there in the first place.

Because if you ever make the mistake of working there, he will haunt you forever, even after you quit.

But these are only a fraction of this complicated man’s problems.

Joe Nagy is in denial, and he’s a fraud, and he’s decided to play a dangerous game with Chef Ramsay.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Is he crazy?

Or is his ego so overblown that he really thinks he can both waste Gordon Ramsay’s time and go toe to toe with him and win?

The show opens with Chef Ramsay accepting an invitation from Joe to meet him at his farm, before going to the restaurant, and things start off cordially enough.

We even have a few moments of levity with Joe’s pet goat getting a bit too possessive of Joe for Ramsay’s taste.

As they walk around the farm, Joe boasts that he has been taught by old school Europeans and New York chefs.

He volunteers that he purchased the restaurant after he lost his job as a food salesman, but he is evasive when Ramsay inquires as to why. Hmmm…

Joe then changes the subject and informs Chef Ramsay that all the livestock on the farm is supplied directly to the restaurant, all except the goat, of course, and Ramsay is initially impressed, and looking forward to tasting some of Joe’s farm-fresh dishes he advertises on his menu.

When Ramsay arrives at the Mill Street Bistro, the first thing he notices is a fake fireplace burning.

The problem? It is summer in Ohio, and the current temperature is 95 degrees!

He turns it off while speaking with Amy, his waitress for lunch, and immediately asks her to remove her name tag, which she is both happy and relieved to do.

When Ramsay asks her what her biggest concern about the restaurant is, she replies that Joe treats the customers badly.

Time to order some lunch. Chef Ramsay inquires as to the Specials, and Amy tells him that there are no Specials, only “Features”. She goes on to explain that this is one of Joe’s policies.

Apparently, Joe doesn’t like the word, Specials.

Okay…moving on, then.

Ramsay begins his routine of querying her about the food. Amy doesn’t hold back and answers truthfully, and Ramsay catches Joe in his first lie when he learns that the meat is shipped in frozen from a supplier.

While waiting for his order.....

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