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Kitchen Nightmares: "Where can I spit this out?"
Recap and Commentary by RTVC taff Writer Rebecca Moatz
March 2, 2013

The staff was mesmerized and elated at the same time, alternating between open-mouthed shock, whispers of delight and one person summing up their collective relief by saying they felt Christmas had come early!

Chef Ramsay returned for dinner service and both he and Joe seemed ready for bear. I am surprised that isn’t on the menu.

Oh, I forgot, he doesn’t have any bears on the farm. They probably wouldn’t get along with the goat.

The food goes out on time, but customers are not happy. Well, now there’s a big surprise.

When the first entrée came back with a complaint that it didn’t taste right, Joe decides the customer just got a bit of rosemary.

Another customer had a more serious complaint, an actual stone in her ravioli!

Joe treats that one with sarcasm, telling his staff to prepare all the terrible food they always do this evening.

I got the impression he was trying to implicate Chef Ramsay with that comment, almost like he wanted his staff to think that Ramsay was sabotaging the dinner service in some way.

The biggest surprise of the evening, however, came in a phone call Ramsay received from a former employee whom he met outside in the parking lot.

Theresa, was visibly nervous, so much so that she reminded me of a confidential informant working with the police on a crime drama.

The poor woman only worked there a month, and Joe’s abusive attitude affected her so much that she was wiping a tear from her eye and her hands visibly shook as she showed Ramsay some pictures on her cell phone that she had taken while she was still working there.

Time for the inspection!

While Chef Ramsay found the usual atrocities, he also found some new ones that included items that were frozen way back in 2009 marked to be used by 2010!

And worse yet, some items weren’t even dated at all! Some was half frozen.

Can you say food poisoning, anyone?

And there’s more! Joe is the freezer king; this man freezes everything, even oysters and bleu cheese!

Joe is about as close to his claim of from farm to table as I am to being 5’ 8”! It’s never going to happen.

Then he returns to the kitchen and discovers that Joe has put raw onions in the French Onion soup.

Now, Ramsay is still scratching his head wondering why Joe would freeze oysters and bleu cheese when he encounters the French Onion fiasco, and clearly out of patience, he lets out an exasperated series of whys.

Joe’s reason? Ramsay complained earlier that he didn’t have enough onions in it.

Suddenly Chef Ramsay is on the t-ball field as Joe is obviously playing with him, and enjoying it, too.

This so-called chef was willing to sabotage his own soup by adding raw onions to the caramelized ones just to mess with Chef Ramsay. What a sad piece of work he is.

If he is trying to push Ramsay’s buttons, he certainly hit one of them with this little stunt.

And for the first time in the history of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay is perilously close to giving up and walking out the door as the two get into an argument hotter than the 95 degree weather.

Joe seems to fashion himself some sort of Ramsay twin, and the smarter, superior one at that. If he were Ramsay’s twin, he would be the evil one.

Either way, has Chef Ramsay finally met this match?

I can’t wait to watch next week’s conclusion and find out!

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Rebecca Moatz Rebecca Moatz is the former owner of Mama Moatz's Kitchen - PA Dutch pastry made to order, avid cook and gardener, contract writer, publishing her first book and enjoys making gift baskets for local charities. She can be reached at:
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