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Platinum Hit: Can Somebody Please Just Sign Sonyae? - Here's The Rankings
Commentary By RTVC Senior Staff Writer Joseph Braverman
June 28, 2011

Give the girl
a contract.
This week on Platinum Hit, my favorite songwriting songstress finally tore up the competition, creating easily the best lyrical song to date.

Sonyae has so much talent in her that each and every week I am excited to see what is going to burst out from her creative brain.

I love her lyrics and attention to what melodies, tracks, and concepts will and won’t work.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

She has such an astute sense to the current music industry, that I really hope she becomes the next Nicki Minaj.

I thought her selection of the teams was pretty spot on. Last week Sonyae should have won the song challenge, but thankfully the judges finally threw down the gauntlet to Queen Sonyae, and gave her a deserving win.

What I had a major problem this week was the choice for weakest song.

Again, what is wrong with simple lyrics and melodies when they executed well?

Did anyone punish Leona Lewis or Alicia Keys for their two word choruses, “Bleeding Love,” and “No One” that just repeated over and over again yet were still amazing songs and huge hits?

Absolutely not, but apparently lyrics needs to be complicated in the judges eyes.

I felt like Jes’ song was perfectly satisfactory, and pleasant in that sort of Colbie Cailaitt/Ingrid Michaelson type of way.

The melody was really catchy, and I thought the delivery of the chorus was very solid and well done.

Nick’s song, song horridly by Nick and Jackie, was probably the worst song I have heard the entire season.

First of all, “Stuck in My Head” is a completely unoriginal song title, and that means that the lyrics better outweigh all the initial dislike I have for the uninspired title.

Unfortunately, the song turned out to be just as bad, if not worse, than the title. The way Jackie and Nick had a semi-conversation with one another, and Jackie with her weird alter-ego personas was just distracting.

Are we listening to a book on audio tape, or a hit? There was no way anyone would ever pay to listen to that horrible track, and I know for a fact that Jes and Melissa’s song was superior in every single way possibly, simplistic lyrics or not.
If I had it my way, Jackie would have gone home.

Four weeks in a row and.....

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