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Platinum Hit: Can Somebody Please Just Sign Sonyae? - Here's The Rankings
Commentary By RTVC Senior Staff Writer Joseph Braverman
June 28, 2011

Four weeks in a row and she has been a complete disappointment and disaster from a singer/songwriter perspective.

Even though Melissa has barely been showcased the entire run, Jackie’s departure this week would have made a lot more sense.

Speaking of Melissa, what a way to exit! Melissa has been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the editing.

Check out’s website of the full performance, where you see Melissa actually sing a solo in “It’s You,” that was purposefully not showcased on the show.

Yes, it is very hard to justify Melissa staying over Jes, when clearly Jes has had a lot stronger and more consistent great moments on the show, but I think a lack of both editing and over-the-top personality is what ultimately sent Melissa home.

At least she went out in style, being the first contestant to talk back to Kara Dioguardi (hell to the yeah!). I love when a contestant leaves in passionate angst, but unfortunately the judges seemed to have already made up their minds.

Melissa may not have had a chance of winning this show as far as editing was concerned, but I felt like Jackie was the only contestant who should have gone home, and my jaw dropped when Nick’s song was not announced as the weakest one, when it was so clearly horrendous.

Here are my rankings for the remaining seven songwriters:

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