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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Uh Oh… Trouble in Paradise?
Commentary by Dee Dee Jackson
October 20, 2010

Boring, Dull and Drab
Okay, so I don’t know if Real Housewives of Atlanta's Phaedra Parks is ideal in parenting or wife-material, or neither!

It seems that there is trouble in paradise already with her husband Apollo, who despite being raised in a white household as a biracial child; he sure seemed Black enough to me when he put his foot down to Mrs. Parks about her style of parenting, not to mention checking her on her priorities.

And I would have to agree:

Prada shoes & Gucci bags or baby diapers, Phaedra, where’s your mind at? Will somebody please tell me where Phaedra got this “I’m a diva” attitude from, because she’s hardly eye-candy!

Phaedra is just boring, dull and drab! She’s too plain Jane and if she doesn’t start flipping tables like our fellow housewife Theresa of NJ, I have a great feeling that Mrs. Parks and her hubby Apollo won’t last a 2nd season.

You do remember Eric and Dashawn Snow, right? BORING!!!!!

Now I can already predict this relationship going one of two ways. Either Apollo is gonna straighten her Southern-belle-wanna-be-high-fashion diva out or he’s running for the hills with his child!

The nerve she has to be bossing him around and telling him their child will be spanked if it doesn’t know its place and will have a certain name isn’t gonna fly with him.

I have a feeling that there’s more that he’s going to say before the season is over and it’ll be more to do about her attitude than it will the flambé!

I really thought that Kandi was going to stand up to Kim when she was invited to sing as a back-up singer to “Tardy for the Party”, and when that didn’t happen, I thought that Kandi would simply just allow Kim to crash and burn!

Well, when that didn’t happen, I realized that although crazy for Kandi to simply do another thing for Kim, a true friend wouldn’t let a friend be thrown to the wolves. Are they really true friends?

Kim is really either clueless or simply dumb, but obviously isn’t aware that Kandi has something up her sleeve. This next episode is supposed to show Kim asking Kandi for another hit single and this is when Kandi will kick her in the gut with the payment plan!

Let’s see if they stay friends by the end of the season, LOL!

On to Nene, Sheree and the drama.....

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