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Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains: Russell And His Ready For Broadway Moment
Commentary by RTVC Staff Writer Kathleen
March 24, 2010

The only hero
playing the game.
Welcome to Survivor Heroes Vs Villains.

I hope you and your programmable recorder actually found it tonight because it’s Wednesday.

The whole concept of “new night and time” is harder on recording devices than it is on my memory and that’s plenty hard.

When we last saw the beaches, Rob was still in charge of the Villains according to him and everyone except Russell. Russell was in charge according to Russell. And, no surprise here, Russell has an Idol in his pocket.

Oh, and in another “no surprise here”, Russell has told two of his many “allies” about it. In this case Parvati and Coach. I’m dying to see how that last plays out.

On the other beach we have the decimated and despondent Heroes lead by … hmm … wandering about leaderless and James not wandering at all because of a devastating injury to his knee.

Yep, they are still there. Everyone on freeze-frame pause waiting for us to come back from watching hoops.

And to catch survivor time up with real time, tonight they say they are going to evict two.

I have a theory that when the survivors know they will be evicting someone regardless of the outcome of the game, they play differently. Could be wrong. But watch.

There is, or at least should be, a whole different dynamic when the goal is play your guts out so we don’t have to send someone home and play your guts out so the one sent home isn’t me.

So, watch how this plays out. See if anyone sets someone else up to look like a problem. Of course, this may not be the best night to run this experiment what with there being darned near no one left on the Heroes side and Russell and his idol rolling around the deck like the proverbial loose cannon on the other side.

Before the opening credits even run, Amanda is interviewing that Candace is targeted because she’s after James. Huh? This makes so little sense. But then, it’s Amanda speaking.

On the other beach, Rob is out sitting under the stars while everyone is asleep. Everyone except Russell who decides they should “have a talk”. For the next few minutes they circle each other like big dogs with teeth bared and lips curled. All the posturing that big dogs do to claim territory. Then they each stalk off with a “there, I showed him”.

At the challenge, Jeff reveals that each tribe will compete against itself for individual immunity and then the winner from each will go head to head to win reward (hot dogs and soda) for their tribe. The Villains win the choice on who goes first. They choose wisely to watch and learn from the Heroes.

The challenge? It’s that twisty snarl.....
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