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Survivor Redemption Island: Phillip Sheppard - Stimpy's Take, Bio, Photo, Video And More
By Reality TV Calendar Senior Staff Writer Stimpy
January 19, 2011

Phillip Sheppard
Stimpy's Take:
Hey itís token black guy.

I want to like him, and maybe my fawning in preseason pieces over guys like Jayson and Tyrone is biasing me a bit (since neither of those two lived up to my preconceived hype).

But in truth, thereís a couple things in Philipís bio that concern me.

One, is his age. Older guys can do really well in this game, but they can also get ostracized by the younger crowd, just because they are older. Toss in the fact, that sometimes, us older guys canít always move as well as we once did, and thatís something else that can be held against him.

Next, thereís stuff there that makes me think that Philip is here for the experience, rather than the game.

Toss in the fact that he likes Rupert (sigh), Boston Rob (okay, better), and Doucheô (aka Coach Wade).

Stimpy says: Pardon?

Now, Philip does seem to have a youthful demeanor about him (he roller dances?), and that could serve him well. Ditto his growing up in a large family, so methinks heís gonna have the social side of things down pat.

But he is a recruit, and they generally tend not to deliver all that well (Earl notwithstanding).

I could easily see Philip going out early because of his age and/or his inability in challenges, if that actually occurs.

With all Iím seeing and reading here though, I donít get a Ďwinners vibeí outta Philip.

He may do well, but I doubt the game instincts are there that will really help him succeed.

Name (Age): Phillip Sheppard (52)
Tribe Designation: Ometepe
Current Residence: Santa Monica, Calif.
Occupation: Technology Executive
Personal Claim to Fame: Being a father to my son and being able to take risks in life. I say "yes" when others may say "no."
Inspiration in Life: Medical Professionals - they save lives in real time.
Hobbies: Chess, basketball, skating and sport training with weights.
Pet Peeves: People who think they know everything and yet do nothing and watch others do the work.
3 Words to Describe You: Outgoing, articulate and determined.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I am my own man!
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I love the idea of competing and proving I still have what it takes to prevail in new challenges that are completely outside my normal everyday life.
Why you think you'll "survive" SURVIVOR: I come from a large family (12 brothers and sisters), and as such I've become a creative problem-solver and good talker in stressful situations where others would give up.
Why you think you will be the sole SURVIVOR: I am a go-getter. As a former Special Agent with the former Defense Investigation Services, I honed my interview and investigative skills to persevere when others are being evasive or less than forthcoming.

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