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Survivor Panama: Exile Island
Recaps, Commentaries, Scoreboard, Spoilers and More

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Survivor Exile Island
Recaps, Spoilers, Predictions, Rankings & Commentary by Cari C.
Additional Commentary by Marco Magpayo
Additional Commentary by ChipLeader
Additional Commentary by Alisa
Additional Commentary and Recaps by VikingBear
Additional Commentary by AP N Tenn
Additional Reports by Ron Lemon
Gitanos Click The Pics
Aras, 24
Yoga Instructor
Santa Monica, Ca.
Danielle, 24
Medical Sale Rep
Pompano Beach, Fl.
The Jury
Terry, 46
Airline Pilot / Retired Navy Fighter Pilot
Simbury, Ct
7th Member
Cirie, 35
Waterboro, SC
6th Member
Shane, 35
Owner, Entertainment Marketing Company
Los Angeles, Ca
5th Member
Courtney, 31
Performance Artist
Los Angeles, Ca.
4th Member
Bruce, 58
Karate Instructor - Art Teach
Simi Valley, Ca.
3rd Member
Sally, 27
Social Worker
Chicago, Il
2nd Member
Austin, 24
High Point, NC
1st Member

The Booted
Nick, 25
Financial Sales
Tempe, Az
7th Boot
Dan, 52
Retired Astronaut
South Hadley, Ma.
6th Boot
Bobby, 32
Dallas, TX
Corporate Real Estate
5th Boot
Ruth Marie, 48
Director of Retail Leasing
Greenville, SC
4th Boot
Misty, 24
Dallas, Tx
3rd Boot
Melinda, 32
Sevierville, Tn
2nd Boot
Tina, 45
Logging Sports Promoter / Performer
Hayward, Wi
1st Boot
Here's what CBS is saying:
Stranded on an island off the coast of Panama, 16 strangers must live together and compete for the million-dollar prize. This time, the castaways will begin their competition as four tribes: older men, older women, younger men and younger women.

At least one Survivor each week will be banished to a separate island miles away from camp. How will this change the game?

Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all others?

Don’t miss a single episode of SURVIVOR: PANAMA--EXILE ISLAND, premiering Thursday, February 2 at 8 pm ET/PT, only on CBS.

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Are you a Survivor fanatic with an opinion. Can you put a few words together? We are always looking for addition commentary - opinion pieces. Please contact the

Intel Wanted:
We are always looking for reliable intelligence and information. If you have something to share please write the

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