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Survivor Vanuatu - Recaps - Commentary - Analysis - Photos - Gossip

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Intelligence and Spoiler Reports by Cari C.
Amy Cusack of Survivor Vanuatu
Date Of Birth: January 25, 1973
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Occupation: Barista (coffee server) and model
Marital Status: Dating Exclusively
Ami Cusack was born to and raised in Golden, Colorado, by Richard, a top gun pilot and explosive engineer and Virginia, a substitute English teacher and homemaker. After graduating Golden High School, she attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver. While attending RMCAD, she landed a job with Experimental and Applied Sciences as charitable director (one of six employees), working with children and women. In 1998, the company was sold and Cusack decided to travel for the next four years. Her travels led her to Australia, Thailand, Tahiti, Iceland, Japan and Africa.
Upon returning to the US, she took a job at a coffee shop which she now considers "the greatest job in the world." She looks forward to being a mom and taking care of her family.
Ami Cusack of Survivor Vanuatu
In 1996, she lost her 18-year-old younger brother, Kyle, to a drunk driver. Her mother now conducts motivation speaking to high school students about the consequences of drinking and driving.
Cusack is currently dating Crissy, whom she's been with for three years.

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