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Survivor: Running Around In Your Underwear For 15 Minutes Of Fame
Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Kathleen
February 17, 2011

By the way Ė an interesting technique to use with the CBS video bios is to watch them with the sound off.

You know that the words being spoken are semi-scripted and a whole lot of hooey anyway, so just watch the body language. Itís enlightening.

Okay again, enough about me and my ground rules. Iím here to recap this adventure for you and itís time to begin.

And for me itís interesting already.

During the initial castaway self-introductions, the local channel tried to tell me the network was blocked for football. Idiots. Itís not true but it sure got my dander up.

The babble is typical about being determined blah blah blah and a little bit of footage of a much younger Ozzy climbing a tree and Brandon Hantz likening his Uncle Russell to Hitler.

Hitler? Really? Thatís a little over-the-top. The man was an ego-driven jerk but hardly Hitler. Iím smelling Good TV scripting.

The folks paddling the canoes, 16 of them, are either wearing bright red buffs or bright blue buffs and one is sporting a wild-west mustache and a cowboy hat. Heíll be easy to track.

Jeff gives us the usual speech about battling the elements and each other and then we get the eerie theme music.

During the introductory name cards they occasionally flash the word redemption. Is that for Ozzy the Fish or Coach the Dragon Slayer? Both men could use some redemption.

Or is it for Brandon who is trying to redeem the family name? Or do we have our old twist of Redemption Island?

My opinion about Redemption Island is that if you have the social skills of an angry skunk, just go to Redemption Island and stay there until the end. You wonít have to play the social game at all.

But, no one sent me a ballot asking me to vote on the twist, so if itís there, so be it.

ďCome on in, guys,Ē says the dimpled one who is sporting teal this season.

As they align themselves on the mats, we see that they are, indeed a motley crew.

The assortment of garb they have chosen for this journey is almost as weird as that of Pearl Islands. Remember that one? Best one ever in terms of castaway deprivation.

Tell them itís a photo shoot and toss them overboard in suits, ties and cocktail garb.

Iím currently applauding those.....

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