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Survivor One World: Colton Cumbie, Worst Player Ever?
Commentary by RTVC Editor Ron Lemon
February 25, 2012

"I've never done a
thing for myself in
my life."
Could Colton Cumbie be the worst player in Survivor history?

The video below would say yes.

This was filmed right after the reward challenge and shows us just what he thinks of his place in life and those that are around him.

In less than a week of game time he has managed to alienate both tribes.

In Colton world he is better than everyone around him and they better know it and treat him like it. I have no doubt he learned that at the knee of his mother.

Worst player ever? Watch the video.

And for more on Colton's quest to be named All Time Survivor Idiot read Stimpy's latest Snarkfest.

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