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Survivor One World: Total Dysfunction, Suck Ups And The Blame Game
Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Kathleen
February 23, 2012

"All my fault."
Welcome to back to Survivor One World.

Wow, what a roller coaster ride.

Poor little Kourtney. I donít think she had any chance in this game. Too odd and not accepted by Aliciaís Instant Alliance, but breaking your arm on day three is not the way to leave.

Personally I have to say that Iím surprised there werenít more injuries on that challenge.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Itís all well and good to have Jeff give the quick instruction about keep your arms at your chest and land on your back.

Once, eons ago, I was compelled to participate in a team bonding exercise which involved the equivalent of jumping off a cliff. Trust me, itís hard.

Instinct tells you to throw your arms out. And Iím here to confess that I flunked. I am embarrassed to this day.

For these guys, falling from 25-feet? Iím amazed that the insurance gods let them do it.

Except for that part, however, the first episode was a stitch.

I predicted cat fights and chest thumping and got both.

Granted I hadnít expected the stupidity of Dr. Tarzan, but oh well.

The real chest thumper trophies go to Matt and Michael. Matt seems to have set himself up to be the second coming of Mighty Marty and he might want to check the tapes to remind himself how well that worked.

The cat fight was great. Noise and flying fur and no blood.

Alicia is strong and bossy but I fear that her days may be numbered when the quieter equally strong women figure out what a detriment she is. See above comment about Mighty Marty.

The normal progression of eviction says that the first tribal council sends home the least liked. I donít know if Kourtney was the least liked, but she was in the running, so weíre on track.

The next phase is to pick off the useless misfits. Thatís up for grabs.

Colton is a misfit but he has that damned idol in his pocket. If the men go to tribal, you may have to put your DVR on slo-mo to keep track of the politicking.

The guy in charge of hints.....

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