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Survivor Philipines: Dana Lambert - Stimpy's Take, Interview, Bio And More
By Reality TV Calendar Senior Staff Writer Stimpy
September 1, 2012

Dana Lambert
Stimpy's Take:
Well, let’s file this under ‘not good vibes’, shall we?

There’s gonna be water-based challenges, and she admits to having never swam in the ocean before.

Not good.

She’s been through rehab for amphetamines, so clearly she’s got an edge in her that could prove useful, but at the same time, she’s keenly aware of what she’s getting herself into challenge wise, and doesn’t seem overly prepared for it.

She’s fit, and I’m sure she’s got some social chops in her, but if she ends up being a challenge-liability, she’s in trouble.

It’s not that I dislike what I’m reading here, I just don’t see how this girl can have gone through rehab, and then say her personal claim to fame is her blonde hair?

Her Pet Peeves are a red-flag too. Each of those will undoubtedly be on display at some point this season.

However, she does list Helen Keller as her inspiration, and that’s rare for people on this show, and actually a breath of fresh air.

Likening herself to Boston Rob though, does nothing for me, since it probably has more to do with the fact that he’s the most recognizable Survivor ever.

Well, the most recognizable who’s NOT a raging asshole.

All in all, I wasn’t overly impressed with anything I read, till I got to the end.

Her reason for being there, as well as why she thinks she’ll succeed and win are actually impressive, and come off as someone who actually has an idea what to do, to actually win the game.

While she does say she’s there for the experience, she also tosses the money in there as a reason.

That’s good.

Obviously, this girl is gonna work the social aspect of the game well, and is also gonna be in observation mode too. And, it’s clear with her team-player attitude, and her being able to cook and forage, she’s desperate not to be seen as ‘not being able to handle it’.

Again, those ‘not good vibes’ do sneak back into things, when you some of the buffness on her tribe.

If she can avoid being seen as a challenge liability, and can work the social game as well as she’s professing, then here’s one to keep an eye on.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

CBS Bio:

Name (Age): Dana Lambert (32)
Tribe Designation: Kalabaw
Current Residence: Winston-Salem, N.C.
Occupation: Cosmetologist
Personal Claim to Fame: Truthfully, I have no claim to fame. My friends tell me that my claim to fame is my blonde spiky hair.
Inspiration in Life: Helen Keller, because she succeeded and prevailed against overwhelming odds, and for her work with women’s rights and suffrage.
Hobbies: Home renovations, camping/being outdoors and going out dancing with friends.
Pet Peeves: Slow moving people as well as negativity, arrogance, laziness and narrow-mindedness.
3 Words to Describe You: Energetic, well-rounded, family-oriented.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?
1) Tweezers – so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a head band on camera.
2) Hair product – because my hair sticks straight up.  
3) Picture of my family – to remind myself of the lives it will change if I win.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Boston Rob for his unconquerable spirit and determination.Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: For the experience and the money.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I’m resourceful, I’m good at finding solutions to problems and I’m a hard-worker. Plus, I have experience camping. I can cook and help forage for food. I’m a team player.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I think I have just the right amount of perceptiveness and social skills to succeed. I’m competitive and my life experiences have taught me that observing, timing and determination can go farther than anyone thinks.

Stimpy is a huge fan of Survivor and enjoys dissecting each episode. When not watching Survivor or sports on TV, he fills his time by skydiving, rockclimbing, golfing, and rollerblading, as well as sitting on the beach drinking beer in British Columbia, Canada. You can contact him at
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