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Survivor Caramoan: Jeff Takes Out The Trash
Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary by Kathleen
March 14, 2013

Jeff Probst and Brandon Hantz
"Do I cut the red wire,
or the blue wire?"
Are you ready for Survivor Caramoan? Are you ready for a Brandon Hantz breakdown and a Jeff Probst intervention?

Thatís what weíve been promised.

Last week we got rid of Shamar. No, it was truly anticlimactic. We didnít get to see the tribe kick him out. Instead the laws of paybacks kicked in and took him out for medical reasons.

An interview with Jeff was published that says that this was not the first time he was summoned to camp to meet with Shamar.

When he was called this time he expected another whine festival and pity party. One look at Shamarís eye, however, told Jeff this time was real.

Then the tribe had to make an actual decision to evict. Laura, who has good strategic ideas but has the physical prowess of damp Kleenex, was picked.

All the strategy in the world wonít do you any good if you canít win a challenge to use it.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

But, Iím ahead of the show. Letís let Jeff do the recap.

Jeff recounts the Fans losing three in a row. He then tells us about the Andrea wanting to get rid of Corinne and the whole Favorite tribe worrying about what Brandon will do next.

Over at the Fans tribe we see Shamar threatening to quit and then crying great big crocodile tears when the medical team says he should be pulled from the game.

Boo Hoo.

We quickly visit tribal council where Laura points out that itís physical strength versus loyalty and alliances and, wonder of wonders, strength won and Laura is no more.

Oh yes. If you are keeping track, the Fans idol has been played to no purpose.

In the after dark after party, the men are pleased that Laura is gone. The women are all soft and mushy because they liked Laura.

Reynold makes a speech to us about being strong and heís glad he played the idol. Now everyone is going to go idol hunting.

Michael is worried that with an idol, Reynold is too strong. Gee, Mike. Ya think? He can swim; he can throw; he can make fire; and he can do all of that better than you.

After the yodie, yadie, hoodie song, we move to the Faves chatting in the dark.

Itís night 10 and there is a thunderstorm at sea if you are keeping a calendar.

Brandon is waxing poetic about how much he loves his wife and kids and how completely selfish he feels to have, at the drop of a hat, run off to play a game.

Shamar must have left him the songbook because the song heís singing is I canít do this anymore. Every day is a waste.

He tells the tribe that at the next tribal council, if they have to go, he is volunteering for the chop.

It interesting that the only response.....

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