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Survivor Caramoan: Doofuses, Donuts, Sheep And Wolves
Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary by Kathleen
May 2, 2013

Its now been three hours.

The six players who bailed or fell are all sprawled on the benches taking in the sun. They look like a bunch of walruses, frankly.

Jeff must be bored too. Hes talking about taking it to the next level.

So the girls make up a new rule. Jeff will count down and they will each lift up her left leg.

It was a valiant end, but almost immediately Brenda loses her balance and falls.

Andrea wins.

Rigged. I say Rigged. Neither girl wanted to be seen as a quitter, so they set up this ending so that one of them could lose with honor.

Okay. Ill buy it.

Jeff hands over the information and tells the rest of the players that they are vulnerable tonight at Tribal Council.

Brenda tells us that one of them meaning Eddie or Reynold is going home.

That would be true if there is no hanky panky between now and tonight.

Back at camp, our Nat Geo totem is a crocodile lurking just under the surface.

There are the usual way to go comments.

Yep, Reynold has figured out that he can either write his eulogy or now is the time to strike and blindside someone.

Lets pause a moment. There are eight votes tonight. For Reynold to prevail on anything he has to come up with three more votes plus good ole Eddie.

Lets see what he does.

Andrea is, meantime, revisiting her promise to share the info with Brenda. Brenda refusing to jump in and give the game to Andrea has told Andrea that Brenda is a big threat.

Yep. There are two types of players in the game if you think you are running things. Those who will do your absolute bidding and threats. Sheep and wolves.


So, Brenda is reading the clue along with Andrea.

Weve seen it before. Its the same one Malcolm had. Its the clue to the current location of an immunity idol. Water, turn left, opening in rocks, tree, dig.

Andrea tells her whole alliance. That means there are six people making an educated search for an idol. That means that there is a Doofus Duo standing back at camp scratching themselves.

Erik is the digger who dug deepest first. He got it.

The strategy is that as long as neither Reynold or Eddie have it.

ALERT: There is a third doofus among us. A vote was held and by unanimous acclaim, Erik was elected.

The man dug in the dirt, pulled out an idol and handed it to Andrea.

Then Andrea makes her speech about blindsides. A blindside needs to happen before it happens to me.

She says that while she wants.....

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